Please use the link below to sign up for your child’s third week of the 13th Annual Winter Training Academy

A couple of notes so you have the info and key words we have used so far in teaching your children.

The key to all of my teaching is to teach your child’s body the proper way to move in order to find success on the field. So much of this is muscle memory, so anything you can do at home during the week is only going to help your child. I know it looks goofy at age 5 and 6, but as they get older and practice more, these movements will become natural.

Throwing to a target — Turn your gloveside shoulder to the target, hop, hop, throw, follow thru.

Fielding — Feet-apart, bend at the knees, butt down, hands out front, bring the ball in, turn, hop, hop, throw, follow

Hitting – Athletic position, feet apart, swing through the ball, turn your hips, squish the bug, belly button ends up pointing to the pitcher.

Your children have been awesome the first two weeks. After doing this inside a building for 12 years, I now know, outside is the way to go, We have so much more room, the kids feel more at home, they are advancing faster than in previous years.

Thank you for your support. I know we will get hit with some cancellations at some point for being outside, but we will make it to the end and teach your children the game

Tripp Roakes