If you believe as I do that ALL Parents should be allowed to attend ALL of their children’s athletic events, then its more important than ever to contact your State Level Senators and Representatives.

Please let them know we need their support on this important family issue. Let them know all about the current restrictions as we have learned many have no idea of the damage being done by current regulations. Be polite yet state your message and ask them for a commitment to support this.

Contact as many as you can. While all but one of the people listed below are Democrats, this is not a D or R issue, this is a family issue.

How to Find any state representative in North Carolina

Representation – North Carolina General Assembly (

The Mecklenburg List is Below — A CALL IS 100 times better than an email

House of Representatives
Rep. Kelly AlexanderKelly.Alexander@ncleg.gov704-333-1167
John AutryJohn.Autry@ncleg.gov980-288-5241
Rep. Mary BelkMary.Belk@ncleg.gov980-579-2800
Rep. John BradfordJohn.Bradford@ncleg.gov919-733-5828
Rep. Terry BrownTerry.Brown@ncleg.gov919-733-5654
Rep. Becky CarneyBecky.Carney@ncleg.gov919-733-5827
Rep. Carla CunninghamCarla.Cunningham@ncleg.gov704-509-2939
Rep. Wesley HarrisWesley.Harris@ncleg.gov919-733-5886
Rep. Rachel HuntRachel.Hunt@ncleg.gov919-733-5800
Rep Brandon LoftonBrandon.Lofton@ncleg.gov919-715-3009
Rep. Carolyn LoganCarolyn.Logan@ncleg.gov919-715-2530
Rep. Nasif MajeedNasif.Majeed@ncleg.gov704-965-1153
Sen. Jeff 715-8331
Sen.  Natasha 715-3050
Sen Mujtaba 733-5955
Sen. DeAndrea 733-5655
Sen. Joyce 733-5650

My Interview with Senator Todd Johnson

Sign the Petition to Increase Capacity at outside events

My video request to Governor Roy Cooper