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After a 6 week seasons of virtual baseball games involving 32 area Charlotte High School Baseball Teams, its now time to play to a championship

The 17-32 seeds open round one, for the chance to move on to play the 9-16 seeds and then waiting those winners will be the top 8 seeds.

One the field is reduced to 4 teams in the Championship Bracket, a Best of three series will be held to determine the two final teams who will then battle it out on the home field of the Charlotte 49er’s in a Best of Three Series

All teams that are eliminated in round 3 will play for a Virtual Silver Championship

Other consolation games may be held for teams that do not advance to the Sweet 16.

Please remember this is all for fun and we have taken the opinions of multiple baseball coaches and fans as to how the games and championship should be played out. There is truly no way to honestly seed the event, so beyond the top 24 we have gone with a virtual draw for spots.

Sit back and enjoy as this Virtual event is simply one attempt by South Charlotte Sports Report to keep the focus on high school baseball after all the other local and state sports media has buried spring sports in their hot pursuit of what will happen to football and basketball. While I care about those sports, I refuse to not honor spring sports athletes with all they deserve and more.


Tripp Roakes

Top 32 Seeds and Opening Schedules

1Charlotte Christian
2Myers Park
5Lake Norman
9Covenant Day
10Cox Mill
11Ardrey Kell
12Carmel Christian
13Providence Day
14Marvin Ridge
15North Lincoln
16East Meck
17South Meck
19Country Day
20East Lincoln
21Hickory Ridge
22Sun Valley
24SouthLake Christian
25Porter Ridge
26Charlotte Catholic
30Charlotte Latin
31Metrolina Christian
Round 3
Round 1Round 2
32CannonRound 1 Winner
17South Meck16East Meck Round 2 Winner
1Charlotte Christian
25Porter RidgeRound 1 Winner
24South Lake Christian9Covenant DayRound 2 Winner
29OlympicRound 1 Winner
20East Lincoln12Carmel ChristianRound 2 Winner
28ParkwoodRound 1 Winner
21Hickory Ridge13Providence DayRound 2 Winner
5Lake Norman
31Metrolina ChristianRound 1 Winner
18Independence15North LincolnRound 2 Winner
2Myers Park
26Charlotte CatholicRound 1 Winner
23Butler10Cox MillRound 2 Winner
27PiedmontRound 1 Winner
22Sun Valley11Ardrey KellRound 2 Winner
30Charlotte LatinRound 1 Winner
19Country Day14Marvin RidgeRound 2 Winner

First Round

# 17       South Meck    11                             # 32       Cannon  4

WP         Brendan Bagwell

SM         Owen Wilson 2-4, Brendan Bagwell, HR, Eli Shenise 2 RBI’s

Can        Jack Mahar 2-3, Charlie Titus double

# 24       SouthLake Christian 4                    # 25       Porter Ridge 1

WP         Joe Haney

SLC         Joe Haney HR, Derek Farley HR, Carson Hageman 2-3

PR          Tanner Sweatt 2-3, JH Vaughan, double

# 20       East Lincoln  5                                  # 29       Olympic 2

WP         Ty Cobb

EL           Graham Smiley 2-3, Garrett Michel 2-4

Oly         Trenton Mills double, Logan Harris 2-2

# 21       Hickory Ridge     8                            # 28       Parkwood  3

WP         Nick Artuso

HR          Edie Dew double, Adam Wilkson HR, Ick Cirino 3-4

PKW       Austin Burns 2-4, Ike Linton double, Carson Starnes SAC

# 18       Independence 11                            # 31       Metrolina Christian 4

WP         Michael Rawlings

I              Bryson Jusko 3-4, Carson Gesing 3 runs, Wilson Lohrer 2 RBIs

MCA      Tucker Wren 2-4, Blake Patterson double

# 26       Charlotte Catholic 2                       # 23       Butler 1

WP         Luke Taylor (10 K)

CC          Adam Featherstone Triple, Justin Mansfield Double, Dylan Chromy RBI

B             Travis Ziefert single, Hudson Deese, double, Peyton Hulligan RBI

# 22       Sun Valley 8                       # 27       Piedmont 3

WP         Corey Avant

SV           Jimmy Kerley HR, Nate Nygaard 2-4 Brandon Butterworth 4 steals

P             Corey Sikes 3-3, Carter Duhaime double, Adam Quintero 2-4

# 19       Country Day       8             # 30       Latin 3

WP         Cooper Bates

CCDS     Jack Bowling double, Huck Wathan HR, Stephen Payne 2 runs

CL           William Atwell 2-4, Max Rimler SAC, Sam House RBI

Round 2 Games

# 16       East Meck           5                            #17 South Meck               4

WP         Cannon Turner

EM         Trey Truitt, Walk-Off HR, Dallas Allen 2-4, Brantley Truitt SAC

SM         Casey Devine 2-4, Cooper Wilson 2-3, Brendan Bagwell HR

# 9 Covenant Day            4                            # 24       SouthLake Christian        3

WP         Robert Stone

CD          Jon Rossi 2-4, Landon Howard double, Ben Walton 2-3

SLC         Josh Haney HR,  Derek Farley HR

#12        Carmel Christian               7             # 20       East Lincoln 4

WP         Chris Manriquez, Jr

CC          Lucas Martino 2 Run HR, Cooper King SAC, Tyler Roakes 2-4

EL           Graham Smiley 2-3, Matthew McCowan 2-4, Ethan Martin double

# 13       Providence Day                               4             # 21       Hickory Ridge     1

WP         Jon Miralia

PD          Jon Miralia HR, Baker Olin 3-3,

HR          Ick Cirino 1-3

# 15       North Lincoln     4                            # 18       Independence 2

WP         Seth Whitley

NL          Jake Soorus 2-3, Trace Dlugolenski 2-3, Daniel Carter Double

INDY      Michael Rawlings Triple, Carson Gesing 2-3, Wilson Lohrer double

#10        Cox Mill                8                            # 26       Charlotte Catholic   4        

WP         Martin Gair

CM         Chandler Riley 4-4, Cole Fuller 2-4, Nick Pratico double

CC Nick Smith RBI, Luke Taylor RBI, Alex Featherstone 2-3

# 11       Ardrey Kell          3                            # 22       Sun Valley 2

WP         Jake Cunningham

AK          Charlie Kirby SAC, Tate Ellis 2-3, Parker Anderson SAC

SV           Nate Nygaard,  2-3,   Brandon Butterworth SAC

# 14       Marvin Ridge      2                            # 19       Country Day       1

WP         Kyle McKernan

MR         Mickey Baia 2-3, Josh Schwartz 2-3, Kyle McKernan RBI

CD          Connor Miller 2-3, Stephen Payne RBI, Huck Wathan double

Round 3 Games