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As we roll into week two of the Corona Virus Shutdown, we are excited to announce a diversion from all the doom and gloom. For over 15 years the South Charlotte Sports Report has been a leader in the promotion of the game of softball and its Student-Athletes in the area. In both our newspaper and with the Greater Charlotte Hot Stove League Softball Awards, we have recognized the popularity and growth of the game.

One week ago today, the Charlotte Virtual High School Baseball League debuted and has grown by leaps and bounds. Today, March 23rd, we are proud to announce the Charlotte Virtual High School Softball League, a 21 school league that will play virtual games through the remainder of this suspension of real life softball games.

What are virtual games you may be asking yourself?

A virtual game is a simulation or a look at what would possibly happen if two selected teams played one another. It’s merely a simulation, please don’t take it too serious. We use the opinions of coaches and players and take a look at the matchup and then form a recap of the game. The true intent of virtual softball is to allow the South Charlotte Sports Report to write a story on the virtual games, list kids names in a positive fashion and provide the softball community a daily escape from reality.

We selected 21 teams in the area that we felt had successful teams with a real commitment to the sport. As we have learned from baseball, if you go with too many teams, it becomes much tougher to manage. We hold the right to add a team or two if there is someone obvious we left out

I hope the high school softball will enjoy Charlotte Virtual High School Softball.

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Teams and Divisions Announced

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For a look at what Charlotte Virtual Baseball looked like in week 1 please visit.

Games will kick off on Monday March 16th. The first two weeks games have been announced and are posted below. You may find your team playing an old rival or a team you have never played before.

A couple of other important rules and guidelines to the games.

1. No rainouts in virtual softball. Games can be played as early as 8am or as late as 11pm

2. Games are normal 7 inning affairs, with standard run rules.

3. Each game will have a recap, featuring many players names and stats.

4. I’ve asked others involved in high school softball to help with their opinions, scouting and results – many people have agreed to give me their version of how the games play out.

5. Sit back and enjoy, this is Virtual, and its for fun! Retweet my posts about it on and make sure to visit some of the advertisers on the page to help support my efforts as we move through these unknown times

Monday 3/23

Virtual meetings being held to institute Virtual Softball in the Charlotte area

Tuesday 3/24

A 3 division/21 team league will be announced with virtual season rules and week 1 schedule announced

Wednesday 3/25

Coaches can hold a one day virtual practice to prepare for the season.  Umpires and field crews prepare for Re-opening Day

Thursday 3/26

Re-opening Day