One of the bigger topics I have run across this year based on my email In Box has been the impact the recent football forfeits and suspensions have had on teams that did not break any rules.  In case you missed it, four teams it the Southwestern 4A Conference had their seasons ended early due to suspensions from fighting.  Teams remaining on their schedule were left with open dates and 5 figure financial losses.


We took many of the questions we received and went directly to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Athletic Director Sue Doran.


The questions and answers are below.


Our views on the situation will be published on Wednesday.


Can you tell me the projected gate loss from these forfeits for each football game and school?  (Asking about both violator schools and non violators).


Doran – “I do not know this information. You would need to contact school athletic directors.”



Why not rebuild the schedule with eligible teams so kids and teams following rules are not punished?



Doran – “A contest not played due to forfeit by one team is recorded as a win for the opposing team and is included in maximum numbers of games permitted in a regular season.”



Your thoughts on Butler going a month without a game?



“Obviously a tough situation for the Butler team. Not ideal by any means, but the Bulldog program has an experienced coach who I am sure will guide his team through this challenge.”



What do you say to the kid/family at Myers Park /Butler and others that are losing 20% of their season and their senior night?



Doran – “Again, a very tough situation for any student-athlete, team, and school community impacted by the actions of others. I would encourage them to focus on what they can control, hold each other accountable to grow vs. grumble through the next few weeks, and to succeed in spite of an unexpected challenge.