Grant Sutherland

Grant Sutherland


Marvin Ridge High School 11th grade soccer player Grant Sutherland is one of the leading players for the Mavericks. The son of Chris and Amy Sutherland is enjoying his junior year with the team. His career at Marvin Ridge has been filled with wins and many exciting memories. Let’s go Beyond The Game to learn more about Grant.



What are your top soccer memories?


“Some of my greatest memories came from a soccer “dream team” I was a part of when I was younger. We called ourselves
Inferno. A bunch of my buddies that I played with and against during club season joined together to enter into tournaments.
We did not practice and never played together as a
team other than the tournaments we participated
in. The chemistry was just natural and we were very successful in a lot of these tournaments. Enjoying my favorite game with a
bunch of my best friends was definitely one of my favorite experiences in the soccer realm.”



What are your top soccer accomplishments?


“I have been through many highs and lows in my soccer career. If I had to choose my best accomplishment, I would have to go with the state championship we won my freshman year. It was one of the most memorable seasons because of the run we made on the tail end of the season. I am pretty sure we finished the season on an 18-game win streak. To be a part of such a talented program and to play for a state title as a freshman was definitely one of the
most memorable moments of my career and one that I take great pride in.”



How far can the Mavericks advance this season?



“I am very confident in our squad this year. I think we could definitely make another strong run in the playoffs. Our team chemistry has slowly been coming together over the course of the season and by the time October rolls around I’m sure we will be in good shape to make a deep run. I’m hoping to make It back to NC State to compete for another championship, and I know that this team has the talent to do so.”



What are your responsibilities on the team?



“I feel that one of my important responsibilities is to keep the team talking. I try to stay very vocal on the field and that seems to have a domino effect on our squad. Once one or two players start to talk, the rest of our boys generally begin to talk. I like to get that going early on in our matches. I also feel that It is a part of my responsibility to set a good example both on and off the field for the younger boys. I know that our JV squad looks up to a lot of our
players and I try my best to be a good model for those boys who I might get the chance to play with next year.”


Do you have any goals to one day play soccer in college?


“As far as college soccer goes, I am still not sure. My main focus for now is academics, but I like to keep my options open.”



How well do you perform in the classroom?



“As far as the classroom, I am a straight A student with a 4.47 GPA. I continuously try to push myself academically, as I am taking all AP courses this year. Some clubs that I am involved in include National Honor Society, Beta Club, Spanish Honor Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Young Life.”



Are you involved in any community service projects?



“I am very involved in my church youth group. I have been on two mission trips the past two years. The most recent one was to Big Pine Key in the Florida Keys to help repair some of the damage from the most recent hurricanes. I also participated in Mission Mondays in which we would travel around the Charlotte area every Monday to serve the community. Some of these included
cleaning up local churches and underprivileged schools and helping with disabled adults.”