Providence Day School senior Molly Firr has found success both in field hockey and as an 800M runner on the Chargers Track Team. The daughter of Terry and Julie Firr will attend Davidson College next season to continue her education and field hockey career. Let’s go Beyond The Game to learn more about Molly.

What are your top three athletic accomplishments?


“I won the 800m and 4×800 State Championships in track. I was named to the All-State Team in field hockey and I committed to play field hockey at Davidson College.”

What is your favorite athletic memory?

“My favorite athletic memory was one that did not even take place on a field or track. My indoor field team was at the Spooky Nook in PA for the National Indoor Tournament two years ago. My team was the ‘B’ team for the club, even though not directly stated it was apparent. Because of this, there was always an underlying feeling among my teammates of not being the best. Before one of our games, our coach pulled us out of the chaotic mess that was the rest of the building into a little hallway behind some doors. She asked us what our team was, we all started saying things like “amazing” and “fun” and then someone said what we were all thinking and said “second best”. My coach realized we all felt this way and broke down in tears. She was so proud of all of us and believed in all of us so much more than we did in ourselves. Our coach then went around in a circle and told us all why we were amazing and what the best part of our personalities were, and to NEVER EVER call ourselves second best again. Because of the pure love for each other, and the sport of field hockey in that moment we all started crying, and we realized how we were worth so much more. So in conclusion, my favorite athletic memory barely has to do with athletics, but it does have to do with the amazing coaches and girls I have met through athletics, and to me that’s just as important as the sport itself.”

How did you go about choosing Davidson for college?


“I chose Davidson because I knew since eighth grade it was my dream school. I attended a summer academic camp at Davidson and instantly fell in love with the campus and town of Davidson. Obviously, I did not make my decision to commit strictly based off of my impression in eighth grade, but when I started thinking about playing in college, Davidson found a spot on my list. Davidson’s academic rigor fit with exactly what I wanted, the size was perfect. Knowing this and going to field hockey camp for a few years put Davidson at the top of my list the beginning of sophomore year, and the more I learned about the school and team, its position at the top was solidified. After talking to the team and going to classes on my unofficial visit, I really knew
Davidson was where I needed to be.”

What is your role on the team this year?


“My role on the team this year is to definitely be a leader. I was voted as one of the captains by my teammates this year and plan to fill that role beyond expectations. I am one of the more experienced girls on the team, and I want to use that experience to help push my teammates in practice, as well as offer any advice I can in a constructive way–without ever hogging the ball or inflating my ego.”

Do you have a favorite jersey number and why?


“I like 8 or 80, because 80 was my first number for my club ambush, but I’m 1 at Providence Day and I think that is pretty cool too, but I don’t really have a preference.”



What are your goals for the next year?


“My goals for the next year are to not only help my team succeed, but to also improve myself as a player by pushing myself outside of normal practice to prepare for college level hockey.”



How well do you perform in the classroom?


“I have a 4.424 GPA and I am on the Executive Board of the Sustainability Club. I am also a member of Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society, Latin Honor Society and I am an AP Scholar with Honor.”



Are you involved in any community service projects?


“I volunteered at the Matthews Free Medical Clinic my first few years of high school and earned The Gold President’s Volunteer Service Award. Now, I volunteer with Mel’s Diner.”