Cuthbertson High School rising senior Trevor Grant took a chance on
football a little over a year ago. After playing baseball his entire life, the son
of Peter Grant and Heather Grant accepted the invitation of Cavaliers Head
Football Coach David Johnson to start a new sport. Trevor found success
right away as a wide receiver and has never looked back.

“Since Coach Johnson asked me to play, I have had a strong passion for
the game. I am so blessed and thankful to have received offers to play in college after my first year of high school football. I have learned so much about the game from this past season and I look forward to competing at the next level.”

Trevor made many memories in his first year on the field.


“My favorite memory is the first round of playoffs at Alexander Central
High School. Cuthbertson was not predicted to advance farther than the first round, we were the underdogs that night. We trailed the whole game up to the last few minutes of play. Catching the 60 yard pass from Davis Walker to take the lead in the final moments of the freezing night was by far the greatest moment of my athletic career. To complete the night, Chris Panko closed the game with an interception to take home the win.”

Trevor is very focused on becoming a better player his senior year.

“I now have a understanding of what I can achieve, what I want to accomplish, and how I’m going to reach my goals. Coming into last season I did not know what to expect from myself and what I was physically capable of doing on the field. After seeing what I could do with little experience, I am setting the bar high for my senior year. With a year under my belt, I now understand the fundamentals of the game and this upcoming year I want to polish the rough edges of my raw performance. By critiquing some of the little things through film and repetition I think it will have a big impact next season. As for my personal goals, I want to gain more yardage, more first downs, and more touchdowns for the Cavaliers. As a senior, I would also like to approach the season looking beyond the numbers
and by standing out as a leader among my peers on and off the field.”


Football isn’t the only sport Trevor began in high school, he also took a flyer on winter track and decided to participate.

“Little did I know, I would do far more than just participate. Coached by Dustin Allen and Kevin McIntyre, I competed in the long jump and triple jump that season and even qualified for the state track meet my first year.
Spring season of my junior year was when I really stood out. I broke the school record in both the long jump (21’4”) and triple jump (43’10.75”), became the conference champion in the long jump, and medaled silver in long jump at the Regional track meet.”

After 11 years of baseball, Trevor’s willingness to try new sports is looking like it will pay off with a college football opportunity. In addition, he plans to return to the baseball field for his senior season.


Academic success is going to give Trevor more opportunities in college. He currently stands in the top 10% of his graduating class at Cuthbertson.
“I would definitely like to continue playing football throughout college. I am exploring colleges this summer to find the right fit. I currently have offers to play football at Campbell University and Brown University.”

Congratulations to Trevor Grant for his willingness to explore other sports. It’s looking more and more like he has made the right decisions and will carry his new sport into college. Trevor’s commitment to academic success is now opening doors and the future is very bright for this young leader.