Carmel Christian School senior tennis player Dillon Gooch is quickly closing in on the end of a terrific career for the Cougars.  The son of Scott and Donna Gooch will head to the beach following graduation where he will attend and play tennis for UNC-Wilmington.   Before he departs, Dillon hopes to lead his team to another state title to go along with the 2016 and 2017 titles. Let’s go Beyond The Game with Dillon Gooch to learn more about this dynamic tennis player.

What are your top athletic accomplishments?


“Some of my top athletic accomplishments are winning back to back state championships, winning the three biggest North Carolina tournaments last year, and signing to play at UNCW.”

When did you begin playing tennis and why?


“No one in my family had ever really played tennis but I remember driving by tennis courts at Beatty Park with my parents when I was about four and I told them I wanted to play. I then started hitting with my dad a little bit, which led to me starting to go to clinics and getting lessons when I was five.”

What are your goals for the Spring season?


“My goals for this and every season are to go undefeated in singles and doubles, and win a state championship.”

Why led you to choose UNC-Wilmington?


“I chose UNCW because just in the couple times I visited, I fell in love with the beautiful campus and surrounding city. I visited a lot of different universities and their surrounding towns and cities, but none of which left the lasting impression like Wilmington did. Then I added on the fact that I will fit right in with the guys on the team and the super hard working culture the coaching staff and players have adopted, and UNCW is the perfect fit for me to thrive athletically and academically.”


How have you performed inside the classroom?


“I have taken all honors and AP classes during my high school career. Over my four years I have had an average grade point average of 3.8. I am in the Camping Club, Car Club, and Anglers Club as well.”

Are you involved in any community service activities?


“The guys on the tennis team take turns to go to an Alzheimer’s home and play ping pong and bond with some of the residents there every month.”