Carmel Christian School junior basketball player Christiana McLean has experienced many ups and downs as a basketball player.  The granddaughter of Robin Liles and daughter of Christie Williams has chased state titles as well as set out an entire season while recovering from ACL surgery.  The experiences have all combined to make Christiana a stronger and more focused basketball player.  In addition to playing basketball, Christiana competes on the soccer field.   Let’s go Beyond The Game to learn more about Christiana.


What is your role on the Carmel Christian Basketball Team?


“My role on Carmel Christian’s Basketball Team is to be a floor general and a “Go to player” in critical moments, as well as to be positive with all of my teammates through adversity and through success on and off the court.”


What is the best part of your game?


“My ability to get to the basket,  find my teammates on the floor for the best shot and make sure when we have a big lead, to make sure every teammate has a chance to score.”


What is your favorite athletic memory?


“It was going to the State Championship game as an 8th grader three years ago, starting as a point guard, competing and taking on some of the big players at the high school level and our team almost winning the state title.”


What is your top athletic accomplishment? 


“My top athletic accomplishment was being able to handle sitting on the bench for my ninth grade year recovering from an ACL injury, keeping stats and most important, experiencing a bird’s eye view of what the coaches see when the players are in action on the floor. This opportunity gave me a different perspective of what the coaches expected, so when I returned, I would be able and did perform at a higher level to lead my team to greater successes. It made me a better all around player, taught me a lot as a person to be humble and to be an effective leader. This accomplishment could not have happened if Coach Raley-Ross had not had the confidence in me to be a leader, as well as defining my role as the “Floor General and the Go to Point Guard.”



How well do you perform in the classroom?


“I am very conscientious about my performance in the classroom. I am an A/B student and I strive to perform to the best of my ability by tackling difficult courses that will enhance my ability to perform well in college. I have very good teachers that are always willing to help and provide support when I need it. My courses are challenging at times, but I know this prepares me to be able to compete for college scholarships. I have participated successfully in band and orchestra. I am a member of the National Beta Club.”


What is your favorite subject in school?


My favorite subject is Human Anatomy, because I am always intrigued about the Human Body and other health related functions.”


What are your goals for after high school?


“I am only a junior and I do have plans for next year. Being a highly recruited Division 1 player, I plan to have signed to a college that will provide me with the best education and basketball opportunity, so that my family, coaches and school will be proud of me.”


Are you involved in any community service activities?


I attend church regularly and I serve as an Acolyte. I volunteer each year in church programs and activities to support special events. I participate in service work with my basketball team for the Special Olympics, at Nursing Homes, with extracurricular activities at school and participate in a special event under the Nourished by the Heart Foundation – Feeding the Homeless. I also make sure that some of the underprivileged children that attend the elementary school near my home receive school supplies and clothes throughout the year.”