Marvin Ridge Middle School seventh grader Jackson Moore has been named the Karsey Glass Breakout Star of the Week.
The 13 year old son of Brad and Nicole Moore excels in the sports of Football, Soccer and Futsal (a variant of soccer played
on a smaller, hard court). Jackson has played for USA National Teams in futsal and traveled across the country and to Costa
Rica. He is recognized as one of the top goal keepers in the country for his age group.

He has recently started kicking the football and has recorded a field goal of 40 yards to date. He is coached by professional
trainers Mike Stricker and Dan Zeidman. Jackson is excited about building his leg strength to
help in all of his sports.

Inside the classroom, Jackson is a straight A student and his favorite subject is Math. He also
enjoys performing community service and working with the Leadership U. organization.

Congratulations to Jackson Moore for being named the Karsey Glass Breakout Star of theissue258moore3