South Mecklenburg High School junior runner Jordan Cabrol hasissue258cabrol
enjoyed working hard to become a top cross country runner for the
Sabres. The daughter of Phil and Nacole Cabrol has improved her
personal best times all season, providing a real sense of accomplishment.
Let’s go Beyond The Game to learn more about Jordan.

What sports do you play?

“Track, Cross Country, Basketball, Softball, and Swimming.”

Why did you choose to run cross country for South Meck?

“I chose cross country to challenge myself mentally and physically
in long distance running. Honestly, I underestimated it at first.
Never did I experience so much pain in my lungs and legs for such
long periods of time. However, it was the feeling I acquired after
a race or workout that kept me pursuing cross country. Unlike other sports,
running gives me that euphoria and pure feeling of accomplishment after I’m

What is your cross country personal best time?

“20:13 currently. However, fingers crossed for a sub 19 soon.”

Biggest challenge you face in a cross country race?

“The biggest challenge I face would be when I’m starting my third
mile, and I feel as if I can’t go any longer. From there, its a mental
battle of telling myself over and over to not give up, and remind
myself how far I’ve come. With the support of my coaches and
teammates though, they truly help me keep whatever strength I
have left over to finish the race in the best way I can.”

What were your goals for the season?

“My goals for this season were to build a better mental strategy
for my races and acquire and acquire a 19:00 minute time range.
I also wanted to connect more with new people on my team, and show that
there is a family there to support them at every obstacle.”