issue256Taylor Rawson - Sept 2017



Ardrey Kell High School senior cheerleader Taylor Rawson has been named the South Charlotte Sports Report Community Hero of the Week.
The 17 year old daughter of Jody and Alta Rawson has been a competitive cheerleader since the age of 10 and first began sideline cheer in middle
school. Taylor also participates in travel competitive cheer, competing in events every year in Texas, Indiana, Ohio, Georgia and Florida.
The team works all year to earn a birth to the Cheerleading Worlds in Orlando, FL every May.

Taylor enjoys cheering on Friday nights at the football games. “Cheering in front of the student section with all of their energy is so great!
Ardrey Kell has an awesome band that makes the band dances really fun!”

Taylor is active in the Ardrey Kell Friend’s Club which pairs students with disabilities with non-disability students to form friendships and help
make their time at Ardrey Kell a success. She has also volunteered for Camp SOAR (Special Olympics Athletics Retreat), a camp for children
and young adults with special needs for the past three years. In addition, Taylor volunteers five hours per month in various community service
events for her competitive cheer gym.

Inside the classroom, Taylor carries a 4.4 grade point average and is enrolled in all Honors and AP Classes. She is currently applying to colleges
for Fall 2018 and plans on cheering next season. Taylor would like to attend an ACC or SEC college. Congratulations to Taylor Rawson
for being named the South Charlotte Sports Report Community Hero of the Week.