Murphy Smith


Ardrey Kell High School freshman cross country runner Murphy
Smith has been named the Carefree Boat Club Rising Star of the
Week. The 14 year old son of Scott and Stephanie Smith is creating
a name for himself in cross country races early on in his high
school career. Earlier this year Murphy ran a 16:16 in a 5K race in


“I chose cross country because I have always enjoyed running.
While I have never been the fastest, I have always had really good
endurance. During middle school I ran for Fit 180 and realized that
I was actually decent. This has pushed me to want to be the best.
The biggest challenge I face in a race is getting off to a good start out in front, and
giving a good kick over the last portion of the race to finish strong.”


Murphy hopes to lower his time to a 15:45 and to be among the top 25 at the state
meet this Fall.


Inside the classroom, Murphy has been an “A” level student and hopes to continue
those grades in high school. He is also active with community service by volunteering
at the Isabella Santos Foundation’s annual race and he has volunteered with the
Carolina Thread Trail and at the Carolina Raptor Center.
Congratulations to Murphy Smith for being named the Carefree Boat Club Rising Star
of the Week.cfbclknlkw_logo