Front Row: (L-R) Emily McNeilly, Sarah McNeilly, Kaitlyn Scallin, Melanie


Back Row: (L-R) Coach Bradbury, Gwen Callinan, Caroline McGinn,
Lindsay Albright, Ashley Villaneuva, Caroline Boyce,
Coach Hoey



Under the leadership of veteran volleyball coach Karen Bradbury, the Carmel
Christian School Cougars Volleyball Team is off to a fast start with an 11-2 record as
of September 29th. The Cougars are playing inside a brand new $22 million dollar
gym and school building and enjoying every minute of the season.
Coach Bradbury says one of the keys to this year’s success actually came from a
team trip to Wild Dunes, SC.

“The first weekend in August, we stayed at Wild Dunes, SC on the beach. We
had a great tour of College of Charleston. Their coaches gave us a tour of the facilities.
They inspired the girls to consider playing collegiately. We prepared for the
trip by reading a book called “the Energy Bus”.


The book gave them great insight
and motivation to be an energy giver and not an energy vampire. They learned
there will be “pot holes” on the road of this volleyball team and how do they steer
away from those potholes. Their goal is to be the positive driver of the bus and
make this team as successful as God granted us to be.”

From that trip, the girls came out playing dynamic team volleyball. Team Cocaptains
Gwen Callinan and Gaylen Allen are providing strong leadership and every
team member has found a way to help lead at different times.


“They lead bible studies, serve the community of Brookdale Senior Center by
visiting and playing some challenging matches of balloon volleyball, they embrace
the JV team by pairing up with a JV player and serve as their “big sister” for the
season. They mentor and encourage them thru various ways …secretly and then reveal
themselves after the last JV match. Every day is a new day for them to provide
leadership both on and off the court.”

The team has set goals for the season.

“Our goal is always to go all the way! We have been preparing for this season for
most 5-6 seasons with me. Most will continue to prepare for 1-2 years more. We
have a solid 11-2 record right now, but we have some challenging teams ahead of us.
We fought for each of our wins as they weren’t easy to come by.”

With Coach Bradbury steering the ship, don’t count the girls of the Carmel
Christian School Volleyball Team out of the championship picture. This group has
been on the same page the entire season and will give 100% effort down the stretch
to achieve their goals.

The South Charlotte Sports Report salutes the Carmel Christian School Volleyball
Team for their dedication to success and amount of hard work given each and
every day.