As the final day of voting began, Providence Day School’s Cody Cater held the lead in the Week 5 Player of the Week fan vote.  Charlotte Country Day’s Rylan McLaurin was barely even registering in the vote total.  A giant effort from Rylan’s classmates over the next 8 hours kicked him into the lead.   Then came another huge wave of votes for Cody Cater who jumped ahead by 3o votes.   McLaurin received another large block of votes and with less than 10 minutes to go in voting, the two began to trade the lead back and forth.   Within the last 60 seconds Thursday night, the two traded the lead three times and the final vote came in with 12 seconds to spare, to tie the two for player of the week.   With one more hour, McLaurin would have won, but the polls closed and two outstanding football players end up with Player of the Week honors and qualify for Player of the Year honors.


Week 1     Sam Howell

Week 2    Elijah Bowick

Week 3    Cole Hopkins

Week 4    Sean Brown

Week 5   Rylan McLaurin     Cody Cater