Charlotte Catholic High School rising senior
Garrett McKinstryissue251Garrett has been named the P. Saylor
Fence / Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools Good
Sport of the Week. The son of Paul and Maria
McKinstry plays baseball and basketball for the
Cougars. Last summer, Garrett was named to the
WWBA Perfect Game Underclass All- Tournament
team. This spring, he was named to one of the
Rawlings-Perfect Game Preseason Underclass
All-American teams. Garrett is looking forward to a
busy summer of baseball that will take him to
Atlanta, Nashville and Charleston for big events.

Inside the classroom, Garrett has also been an
All-American, recording a grade point average of 4.42.
He is a member of the National Honor Society and the
Spanish Honor Society. He was selected this year for the
American Math Competition in which students across
the country take a common exam to test their skills.
Garrett was also honored to serve as a Junior Marshall for
the Charlotte Catholic Class of 2017 Graduation Ceremony
by ranking in the top ten of the Class of 2018.

Garrett also keeps a strong focus on helping out inside the
community. “Between basketball and baseball, sports take
up a lot of my time year-round, however I’ve been an altar
server at St. Gabe’s since the fourth grade and now I help
train the younger kids who want to be altar servers. I have
three brothers, two older and one younger, and we help out
by preparing and delivering meals for the homeless in Charlotte.
I also tutor other high schoolers and participate in the Catholic
Basketball Team’s “Cougars for the Cure” Cancer fundraiser.”