Covenant Day School rising junior Carter Nelson hasissue251CarterN
been named the Queen City Audio, Video and Appliances
Community Heroes Award Winner. The son of Stephen
and Allison Nelson has taken his own personal health
challenge and turned it into a charity event to help others.
Carter, a basketball, soccer and swim athlete struggled with
Crohn’s Disease throughout middle school. Crohn’s Disease
is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that affects the lining
of the digestive tract. Finally in eighth grade, it became too
much to handle and Carter elected to have surgery to alleviate
the issues and to go through a medicine change. The surgery
was a success, but the medicine did not work, leading to a
serious illness that forced him to miss almost a quarter of the
school year.

“I was 5’ 10” and 90 pounds at my worst point. I changed
medicines again and slowly I started gaining back weight
and finally could work out again. I am now 6’ 1” 140 pounds,
which is still skinny, but I have made huge improvements from
last year.”

With Carter back to being stronger, he worked hard and was able
to earn a position on his JV basketball team, something he is very
proud of. This showed that he could work hard and overcome the
challenges of Crohn’s Disease to be a successful athlete. Carter
understands that there will continue to be health battles, but he
is determined to find the right types of workouts that will allow
him to continue his future athletic journey.

Carter and his family came up with the idea to hold a Home Run
Derby as part of the South Charlotte Recreation Association
Jamboree two years ago. In year one, the event raised over $800
for The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. This spring, with hard
work, the event raised $2,000. Carter plans to expand the event
next year to include even more participants. We commend Carter
for taking his own personal health challenge and creating an event
to help others who face the same disease.

Queen City Audio, Video and Appliances salutes Carter Nelson for
his continued commitment of serving others in our community.