Covenant Day School senior soccer player Lexie Lawson is nearing the end of herissue249lawson
prep career at Covenant Day School. The 17 year old daughter of Robert and
Kimberly Lawson plays center and right defense for the Lions. Let’s go Beyond
The Game to learn more about Lexie.


When did you begin playing soccer?

“I have played soccer since I was young. It has always been a sport I have really
enjoyed and loved being a part of.”

What is your favorite sports memory?

“Either playing Cannon last year having previously
tied them. With one minute left in the
game we had a foul kick in the top 3rd of the field. We all lined up on the 18
yard box, and one of our teammates launched the perfect
ball over the top of their defense into the box where
it was knocked in by another player giving us a 2-1 lead
against Cannon. Or this season we were able to play
Carmel Christian, a school down the street outside of
our conference. A bunch of the girls from this team are
in my small group at church it was a great experience
to play along side of them and compete with them. It
was a neat thing for two schools with a common goal of
glorifying God compete against each other while being
united in purpose.”

What do you consider as your top athletic

“As a sophomore, I was a captain of both soccer and volleyball.
Our volleyball team made it to the state championship
last year and received second place.”

What do you hope to accomplish or what goal do
you hope to reach before you graduate from high

“As a team, we have decided to work intentionally on
investing in each other and our relationships within the
team and the program. I think for me as a senior this is
something I would personally like to focus on in my final
few weeks on the team through building strong relationships
with not only my peers but also the younger girls.
While also learning to appreciate those who have invested
in me through my journey in the soccer program
at school.”

What has participation in sports taught you that
has been a big help in other areas of your life?

“Having played both volleyball and soccer throughout
high school, sports have influenced me tremendously.
I have learned how to not only work along side of my
team as we strive for a common goal, but also to challenge,
encourage, and support each of my teammates
individually and personally. Also, I have learned how
to play my personal role within the team I am a part of
which can vary and shift each season. Developing these
abilities has helped me in my friendships and other relationships
as well.”

Have you made a college decision?

“I am going to attend the University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill next year.”

How do you balance sports and academic success?

“Finding a good balance between hard work in the classroom and on the field
is important to me. I try to spend equal amounts of time on both while also
finding time with friends and family.”

How well do you perform in the classroom?

“I have a 4.93 GPA, and I am in Beta Club and National Honor Society, on
high honor roll, and I am also senior class president this year.”

Are you involved in any community service projects?

“Every Sunday I teach 4th grade Sunday School. I lead a small group of girls
each week and once in a while I lead large group for the entire class. I also
am blessed to be a counselor for church camp each summer with the kids I