The chances of Mitchell Cope becoming a college bound baseball player when he was born were
probably less than .00001%. When I share with you exactly how far he has come, I am sure you will agree.
To learn about Mitchell, you have to go way back to the day he was born in a country located in Europe.
Mitchell was born in Romania and abandoned at birth. Let’s have Mitchell tell us the rest.

“By the grace of God I was adopted by my amazing parents. My name was Silvue Romeo Chicuu.
Looking back on it, if I wasn’t adopted I would not be the same person I am today. I’ve come a long way.”

Yes Mitchell, you have come a long way. As the son of Tim and Laura Cope, Mitchell has grown up
to be an outstanding young man with great baseball talents and skills inside the classroom.
He began playing baseball at age eight, but only after a friend talked him away from football and into
baseball. He quickly fell in love with the sport and has focused on his skills since that time.
Two years ago, Mitchell transferred to Covenant Day School where he has now become the starting
shortstop and a key player on the Lions team. With his senior season now halfway over, Mitchell is
working hard to help the team achieve its goals.

“I would like to see us make a run this year. I think we have a talented team and solid team chemistry.
My goal for this season is to just do my job, executing the things my coach tells me, getting that bunt down
in a tight game or turning the double play to end the game.”

To date Mitchell is hitting close to .400 and playing excellent defense and helping to provide senior
Covenant Day School Head Baseball Coach David Houseton had many kind things to say about his

“Mitchell has been awesome this year at shortstop. He has made some amazing plays and
continues to make the routine plays. During the off-season, I challenged Mitchell to improve
his defense and mental game. He is very solid mentally and has matured wonderfully. I think
that is the biggest reason his play has improved. Last year he would get rattled
if he made a mistake. This year he just rolls with the punches and plays at an even keel.”

“Spiritually Mitchell continues to lead in this area off and on the field. He currently serves as the
chaperone for the High School Student Council. Anderson is getting one heck of a short stop.”

After working hard all season, Mitchell was provided with another opportunity to play baseball on the col
lege level. Anderson University had noticed his level of hustle and offensive and defensive skills over the
summer. They made the offer to attend and Mitchell accepted.

“As soon as I stepped on the Anderson campus they were welcoming. The coaching staff made me
feel at home. Coach Miller told me if I’m looking for a home that I have one at Anderson University.
I got the opportunity to stay with some of the players while I was there and they were great guys to
be around and guys I’m looking forward to calling my teammates. I also get the great privilege to go to
college and play baseball with friend Heath McKay, whom I consider my brother, and he has had my
back since day one.

With that decision in the rear view mirror, Mitchell has been able to concentrate on the task at hand
of producing a good season. He has been able to relax and enjoy his senior season and he has also been
able to spend time growing his faith.

“Playing at Covenant Day I have learned where I am in my faith and how far I have come from where I
was to where I am today. My faith has become much stronger and my level of play has increased.”

Mitchell has also done well in the classroom, putting together a 4.2 grade point average and membership
in the National Honor Society.

“In the classroom I perform very well. I’ve always been good with school work. I was fortunate to have
my Dad always telling me to get good grades and stay on top of my studies. My grade point average
is a 4.2 and I am a member of the National Honor Society.”

The South Charlotte Sports Report sends out our congratulations to Mitchell Cope for a job well done.
We are proud of your efforts and join you in commending your parents Tim and Laura for providing
the greatest gift they could ever give to you. Good luck in the future Mitchell.