Cuthbertson High School senior dancer Julia Hutchison has
enjoyed a wonderful high school career with the school dance
team. With 14 years of dancing experience, Julia has perfected
the art of dance and enjoys sharing her talents with the Cavaliers.
Let’s go Beyond The Game with the daughter of Jonas
and Heather Hutchison to learn more.

issue245Julia Hutchison Cuthbertson High

What is your favorite dance memory?

“During the last month of our season, we were able to choreograph
our own dance to music that we had mixed ourselves.
In the past, our coaches or UDA had chosen our music for us
and choreographed our routines, so we knew the bar was set
high. Our routine was to a mix of Beyoncé songs and when
we performed it at the pep rally and last basketball game,
the crowd crazy! The cheering was so loud it was difficult
for us to hear our music! Being able to collaborate, work as a team and
create something new was the most exciting and happiest memory of my dance

What do you consider as your top accomplishments in your sport?

“I was recognized and awarded All American Dancer at dance camp this past
summer and I have been fortunate to serve as team captain my senior year.”
How does your team serve the school, what do you perform at?
“My team performs at all home football and basketball games. This past year
we expanded our horizons and performed at a few soccer
games and we also traveled to Marvin Ridge to perform
alongside their dance team. Our dance team also per
forms at school pep rally’s and school events such as the
annual Holiday Bazaar, and community parades.”

What has participation in sports taught you that
has been a big help in other areas of your life?

“Participation on this team has taught me patience,
persistence and commitment. I have learned that sometimes
you are not aware of the impact you can make in others’
lives, and that kindness, embracing others, and celebrating
each other’s success is the key to making a difference.
It has also taught me that things may not always go your
way but if you continue to work hard, strive to be the best
you possible, that your goals and obtainable.”

Describe your dance background.

“I started dancing at the age of four. My parents signed
me up for tap and ballet class and I cried for weeks on
end! Over the years, I have taken tap, ballet and jazz but
for me, Hip Hop dance was what really got my blood
pumping. I continued recreational dance and always liked
all my classes, but I loved hip hop. I tended to be a shy
person, so when I was entering sixth grade, my parents were
shocked when I said I wanted to try out for the middle school
dance team! I have never looked back. I love performing
for my school and I enjoy the enthusiasm we inject into the

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

“In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with my friends,
watching Criminal Minds, cheering on my brother at his
basketball games, and writing in my journal.”

How well do you perform in the classroom?

“I have a 4.6 GPA, and take honors and AP level classwork.
I was also a CIEE Global Ambassador and earned a scholarship to study
abroad in Sevilla, Spain as part of their high school summer abroad pro
-gram. I was fortunate to meet other students from across the county and
enjoyed living with my host family, learning the culture and history of Spain,
and furthering my language skills and Global awareness.”

Are you involved in any community service projects?

“Together with my family I have helped with packing meals for Common
Cupboard of Union County for Thanksgiving meals, as well as collecting, and
donating Christmas gifts for those in need.”