Without a strong mental approach and a high desire to re turn to the soccer field, the career of Allison Holbrooks would
be over. This outstanding young soccer player from Charlotte Christian School has battled all the way back from major
knee injuries to finish off her prep career for the Knights. The daughter of Ken and Stephanie Holbrooks enters into her junior season with all smiles and excitement on the soccer field.

The Center-Mid has been playing soccer since the age of six with the same determination she had watched professional
players display on television. Allison shared a wonderful, detailed, story from her younger days as a basketball player that
speaks well to her passion for competition.

“In the Fifth grade, during the final seconds of a passion filled game. I can remember the intensity of our small fifth
grade team. Now, that I look back on the moment I realize how hilarious we must have been, because of how determined
we were to defeat our, at the time, nemesis. There were maybe three seconds left on the clock, (yes, this is one of those cliché
heroine moments), and one beast of a girl had just fouled me. No lie, the score was tied and this team who was obviously,
bigger and stronger, had been competing toe-to-toe with our rather, petite little bunch. I stepped up to the line, acknowledging the weight
that was bestowed onto my shoulders. Just one basket was all that it took, all those practices, all those drills, were meant for this moment, my time to shine. I performed my usual routine (duh, because I was a professional) and took a deep breath; I was born for this. The basketball left my hands, I can still recall the moment in slow motion as the ball met the net, I don’t think any fifth grader has ever felt like I did in that moment. Obviously, this apparently ridiculous scene will be something I will recall for many years to come, the intensity and joy after
a hard fought win, has been a moment that has shaped my passion for sports and the joy of competing.”

What a wonderful story from Allison! Now let’s fast forward to high school and sadly hear about some of the major injuries that Allison has endured.

“Beginning in State Cup of my U15 season and throughout my freshman var sity season, I played with a lot of pain in both knees that was diagnosed as severe chronic tendonitis. After rehabbing all summer I entered my U16 club season and I quickly realized there was more wrong as the pain came back with more intensity than the season before. We discovered both of my patellar tendons were 90% torn and my surgeon had no explanation how this happened in both. For someone of my age, it is very rare. Surgery was the only option and I had to stagger the surgeries as each knee had a minimum nine month rehab schedule. I spent an amazing year at Architech Sports with Alan Tyson focusing on rehabbing both knees.
I also did acupuncture to help the healing process. Sure, it took over a year to get where I stand now, but overall the process has strengthened me both physically and mentally.”

Clearly, the thought of giving up had to have come across Allison’s mind, right?

“It did, many times, and without the support of my fam ily, friends and especially my physical therapist, Alan Tyson
at Architech Sports, I am not sure that I would have continued on my road to recovery. I’m sure if you asked anyone
if they had their doubts, they would agree, that (especially early on) I never thought returning to full health was even a
reality. I began to become used to the pain and the difficulty of the process that I couldn’t remember what it felt like to
have knees that worked.”

For her hardwork and successful return, Allison was named as the Comeback Player of the Year at the Charlotte Soccer Gala.

Now Allison is back, playing once again as a starter for the Knights who are off to a strong start. She loves being on the field with what she
describes as an “amazing group of teammates.”

Allison is working hard with a direct focus on the field in front of her eyes, versus the memories in the back of her head of all the pain and suffering she went through. In spite of all the injuries, one thing Allison never let herself get behind on was her academics. She carries a 4.8 grade point average and is a member of the National Honor Society. In her senior year, she plans to apply to attend college at either UNC-Chapel Hill, Vanderbilt or the University of Virginia. Allison is also a very active member of our community and enjoys serving others. She
works with Top Soccer, a camp for kids of all ages who have special needs and love the sport of soccer. She also works with the Urban Eagles group to deliver soccer into needy communities. Allison also goes on a yearly trip to the Dominican Republic to perform Missions work.

Yes, Allison Holbrooks, is a very well-rounded Student-athlete. Her past experiences and set backs have allowed her to become the person she is today. The South Charlotte Sports Report salutes Allison for her never give up attitude and her commitment to being the very best she can possibly be. We look forward to watching her continue to grow as a person and a soccer player.