Cuthbertson High School 15 year old softball player Erin Maher is quickly working her way to the top of the
Union County softball ladder. The daughter of Brian and Michelle Maher has worked hard since the age of nine to
become a successful softball player. She left behind the sport of soccer to see what she could become on the diamond.issue241maher
The results are beginning to speak for themselves.


Let’s go Beyond The Game to learn more about Erin.


What are your top three athletic accomplishments?


“This past year has been packed full of highlights that I’m very proud of. As a freshmen, I was fortunate
enough to be a part of both the JV and Varsity softball teams at Cuthbertson High School. For the JV team, I
was one of the pitchers, as well as, utility player, mostly playing 3rd base and shortstop. For the Varsity team, I
was backup 2nd base and outfield. At the Spring Athletic Banquet, I was surprised when Coach Johnson called out
my name as the MVP for the JV team. I also received my Varsity letter that night. Being that I’m only coming off
of my freshmen year at Cuthbertson High School, I know that I have many great things ahead of me. My third
greatest accomplishment is being asked to play for Team NC Presley. I have
had the opportunity to play for my great coaches and I look forward to my next venture with this amazing group of girls and coaches.”


What is the best part of your game?


“Throughout the course of the years playing softball, I’ve been told by many coaches that I have the biggest heart, the mentality to get zoned in and the
dedication for the game that is hard to acquire. If I struggled at practice or during a game, I would work at home till I got it right. When pitching, it’s all
a mental game. I’m hard on myself, but I believe I push myself which makes me even stronger. All throughout the game, I’m mentally processing the plays
and figuring ways to help my team get the win.”


What are your favorite memories playing softball over the years?


“Some of my greatest and fondest memories are the ones that may not seem extraordinary to some, but are the small things
that you do for the first time. For instance coming out of a hitting slump by hitting a double to clear the bases and score
three runs in a tied game. Or finally making a clean backhand, only to turn and fire the ball across the field and make
a double play. However, the one that always seems to come to mind was at last year’s NSA State Tournament, where on
the last day, I went in and pitched 17 innings in three games, getting two shutouts, and making it to the championship
game. We may have lost the Championship game, but to me it will always be one of my greatest days of softball.”


How well have you performed in the classroom?


“I take great pride in my classroom abilities. Just like the softball field, I’m extremely hard on myself, as a student. I
currently have a 4.06 GPA and I’m proud of that accomplishment, especially since I played both school and travel ball.
Not to mention the extra hours spent with my pitching & hitting coach, my personal trainer, and in the gym. I am also in
the National Beta Club, Yearbook Team, and FCA. This year, I received my academic letter, as well.”


How have you been able to balance academics and athletics?


“Starting early on, I’ve always been taught that academics come first. School work has always come before sports. If I don’t make the grades, I can’t play
the sport. It was always a rule in my house, that when you came home, it was snack and homework, then you could go out and play. That structure and
dedication to my classwork still exist in me today. With the hope of getting a college scholarship to play softball, my goal is not an athletic scholarship, but
an academic scholarship. Grades are and will always be my first priority in school. Softball is a bonus that I get the pleasure of playing.”