Mara McDonald
Weddington High School sophomore cheerleader Mara McDonald has been named the
winner of the Carefree Boats Rising Starissuw233mara Award. The 15 year old daughter of Curtis
and Tamara McDonald has been a cheerleader since the fourth grade and hopes to
one day cheer in college. Mara works hard at her skill set and has been recognized for her
leadership and positive outlook by coaches.


Mara is a big fan of sideline cheering for the football team. She says, “One of the reasons
I love sideline cheerleading is because it’s bigger than myself. My team and I can’t score,
or get a first down, but that’s not the point. The point of sideline cheerleading is to get everyone
on their feet, yelling, and excited for our football team’s advances and their accomplishments.”


Inside the classroom, Mara has found great success, maintaining a 4.375 grade point average. She carries an academic ranking of 13th in her class
at Weddington High School. Mara also likes to give back to younger cheerleaders by volunteering her time at Weddington Middle School. She says, “I
think it’s great to work with the younger girls, build up their confidence, and help them achieve their own goals.”

Congratulations to Mara McDonald for being named the winner of the Carefree Boats Rising Star Award.