Cuthbertson High School cross country runner Tess Nicholas is one of the leading runners for the Cavaliers
this fall. The daughter of Richard and Nancy Nicholas runs all year long and focuses on the longer distance
races. Let’s go Beyond The Game to learn more about Tess.


When did you began to run and why?


“In elementary school, I participated in my school’s Girls on the Run program because my mom was the
coach and we thought it would be something fun for both of us to do together. I did not get involved with
running competitively until eighth grade cross country when I joined Cuthbertson’s middle school team. I fell
in love with the sport immediately and I cannot imagine my life without running.”

What is your favorite sports memory?

My favorite sports memory would have to be at the Myers Park Invitational in 2015. Although the course
was tough, I loved this race because I ran the entire course with one of my best friends and teammates,
Delaney Patterson. We finished seconds apart from each other, placing second and third on our team. Last
season we ran a few races side-by-side, but this one was the most challenging
and I feel as if I could not have done it without her.”

What is your top sports accomplishment?issue233tess

“My top sports accomplishment is making it to states as a freshman in 2014.
I did not start on varsity but I trained hard and received a personal best at
every race freshman year and worked my way into the top seven. I was so
proud of my entire team for getting to states and I never imagined competing
in states as a ninth grader!”

What are your personal best times?

“I mainly run distance, so I focused on the 5K for cross country; and the
1600, and partially on the 800 for spring track. For a 5K, my personal best is
20:02, which I ran sophomore year. I am hoping to beat this time this year!
For the 1600, I run a 5:43 and in the 800, my personal best is a 2:44.”

What are your goals for this season?

“I have many goals for this season, including my desire to break 20 minutes
in a 5K! I also hope to try the 3200 this coming track season as well as
improve my mile time. My team goals include our girls team making top 3 at
states. My teammates work so hard and are a great group of girls. I know we
can do it! The Cuthbertson boys and girls teams are both looking strong this
year and I am expecting so many great things — especially with the help of
Coaches Kirk Walsh and Lisa Sluiter who have dedicated so much time to the
team this summer. Short term, my hope is to stay healthy, since I have been
battling a painful ankle injury! Being one of the team
captains, I hope to motivate everyone by working
hard to be as healthy as possible and help our team
get to states!”

How well do you perform in the classroom?


“In the classroom, I challenge myself as much as possible.
I take many AP classes and I receive A’s in them
by working hard and managing my time with cross
country, extracurricular activities and work. I have
always been an A Honor Roll student because I put
effort into all of the work I do for school. I have taken
summer online courses to give myself the opportunity
to take classes that I do not have space for in my
schedule during the school year. I try to take many
science, math and health classes because these classes
are something I am passionate about. This past summer,
I took Anatomy online and learned about the
body systems and what happens if there is a malfunction
in one of the systems.”

Are you involved in any community service activities?

“I am involved in volunteering with my church, St.
Matthew Catholic Church, where I taught third graders last year in a faith
formation class. This year I am helping seventh graders prepare for Confirmation
in the Edge program, starting in September. I love giving back to my
church and helping kids grow in their faith! I also volunteered at CMC Waxhaw
last summer and was going to volunteer again this year until my schedule
became too busy with cross country training and working. I hope to find
time for this again though! Another way I volunteer, is by participating in
clubs at my school including student council, where I plan and work at school
events, and Math Honor Society, where I tutor for students at my school who
seek help in math.”

I understand you would like to one day go to medical school? Why
does that interest you?

“I was inspired to pursue a career in the medical field after taking Health
Science as a freshman and also by taking Chemistry my sophomore year. I
aspire to go to medical school and become a doctor because the human body
and how it works is fascinating to me! I have been fortunate enough to be
healthy, and to have the ability to participate in cross country. I want to
make sure other people are also able to enjoy the life they are given just as I
do every day. I also love the variety of options there are in the medical field.
This gives me a variety of jobs to choose from so I do not have to fully commit
to one specific occupation before going into medical school since at the moment,
everything seems interesting to me! I hope while being in college, I am
able to narrow down my interests and find the perfect fit for me.”