Written By Madison Rudick,Marvin Ridge High School


Sophomore Kailyn Hayes has proven on the court and in the classrooms that she can truly
do it all at Cuthbertson High School. The 15 year old daughter of Steve and Helen Hayes
couldn’t be happier with the success she has found for the Cavaliers. Kailyn plays 4th seed on
the Cuthbertson High School Tennis Team. She earned a second place in a USTA tournament for
doubles with her sister, Maiya. Sports aren’t all of what Kailyn has in her. She’s also an unbelievable
student. Kailyn has attained a 4.25 GPA, was accepted into the Beta Club, and is the Vice
President of Student Council.


When did you begin playing tennis? Why?


“I first started taking tennis lessons when I was in 5th grade with my best
friend, but that quickly fizzled out. I picked it back up in 7th grade, when
my sister tried out for the tennis team and they were short a few players so
my father volunteered me to play and it has been a blast since then. None of
my family members played tennis, but it was a sport my parents felt would
be good for me and my sister to pursue. After giving it a try, I realized how
much I enjoyed playing tennis.”


What are your top three athletic accomplishments?


“My top three tennis accomplishments would be finishing second place in a
USTA tournament for doubles with my sister, Maiya. I also placed third in
another doubles match in a tournament through my school (Cuthbertson
Middle) when I was in 7th grade, which was pretty big for me since I was
only a beginner player.”


As you look back on your tennis career, what are a couple of memories that really stand out for you?


“I haven’t been playing tennis for long, but looking back on the past few years what
stands out to me the most is winning some of my initial matches and realizing how far
I have come since I started.”


What is the best part of your game?


“I would say that the best part of my game is my serve. I believe that for my level of
play, I have developed a very strong serve. I am working on improving all aspects of my
game and striving to do and be the best.”


How well do you perform in the classroom?


“School is very important to me and my family. As a freshman, I maintained A’s in
all my classes and ended the year with a 4.25 GPA. I was accepted in the Beta Club,
and currently I am the Vice President of my sophomore class for Student Council. I also
participate in a few other clubs at school and play the flute and piano.”


Are you involved in any community service projects?


“Through school clubs I participate in community projects, such as fundraising
for schools with and students with limited resources and participate in food and clothing
drives in the community. I also participate with my church throughout the year to
serve breakfast at the Charlotte Salvation Army Women and Children’s Shelter. I
enjoy helping others and hope to pursue a career in healthcare.”