Vlad Bolnar
Metrolina Christian Academy tennis player Vladissue229Vlad Bonar
Bolnar is quickly rising up the ranks on the court.
With such a bright future, Vlad has been awarded
the Carefree Boats Rising Star of the Week
Award. He is an All-State player at Metrolina
Christian and also is the second ranked player
for his age group in South Carolina. This year,
he helped his team place first in the conference
in both singles and doubles. Vlad has been
playing the game since age ten when he began
playing with his father.


Vlad, originally from Ukraine, plays the game
year round. He also flies to Europe every summer
to train on red clay for a month. He hopes
his training and commitment will land a top-flight
opportunity to play Division One Tennis in college.


“The next step for me after high school is going to a D1 tennis school and
going pro after, but tennis is not my only talent. I love to sail, ski, longboard
and open sea fish. If my tennis career doesn’t work out, I have a
passion to become a Dentist.”


Congratulations to Vlab Bolnar for winning the Carefree Boats Rising Start
of the Week Award.