… Charlotte Catholic senior is bound for Virginia Tech



Commitmentthe state or quality of being
dedicated to a cause, activity, etc

This one singular word provides a perfect description
of Charlotte Catholic High School senior
softball and basketball player Carrie Eberle. The
18 year old daughter of T.J. and Missie Eberle
has been fully committed to both academic and
athletic success from a very early age in life. After
deciding to play softball at age six, Carrie has
worked hard to become the very best pitcher and
hitter she can be. That commitment has provided
her with the opportunity to move on beyond
high school to attend Virginia Tech where she
will study Biology and play for the Hokies softball

“I began playing softball when I was about 6
years old. I grew up in a very sports oriented family,
with my dad playing baseball and my mom
playing field hockey through high school. I had
been doing gymnastics for a while, but I eventually
was too tall for my favorite exercise, so I had
to find a new activity. I had already been exposed
to baseball from my brother playing, so the most
logical sport for me to try next was softball, and
since then I have never stopped playing.”

Carrie has made so many special memories
over the years playing softball.

“The best part about playing softball is the
friendships I have made with teammates I have
played with for years that I know will last a lifetime. The road trips and many nights in hotels, where
you get to hang out with your teammates, are also full of fun and laughter.”

Carrie says the consistent level of coaching she has received was the key to her success.

“I have been blessed with amazing coaches and teammates throughout my years of playing softball.
Unlike many people, I have played with the same coach since I started travel softball. Adam Martin
and my dad have coached me since I was about 7 years old. Also, I have played with many girls for
multiple seasons, which helps team chemistry and performance. In addition, my team was able to join
a strong organization, Team NC, which helped us get the needed attention from college coaches.”

As Carrie moved into high school and became a dominant pitcher, colleges began to take notice,
With a 65mph fastball, changup, curve, screw, drop and rise ball, Carrie showed the colleges she had
what it took to play on the next level. Virginia Tech provided a natural landing point as Carrie has been
connected to the university since childhood.

“I grew up going to Virginia Tech with my parents to various events, especially football games.
Over the years, it became like a second home to me. I fell in love with the beautiful campus, and the
great academic and athletic atmosphere. I wanted to play softball at the best college I could, and I
was blessed to have the opportunity to play at the school I dreamed about going to since I was a little

With the offer from Virginia Tech and Carrie’s commitment, the Hokies have landed an All-Conference
and All-State player. They have also gained the winner of the Greater Charlotte Hot Stove League
High School Softball Pitcher of the Year. In addition, the Hokies are proud to land such an accomplished
Student-athlete that is dedicated to academic success.

Carrie has received First Honors at Charlotte Catholic every semester of high school. She has also
won the Cougar Award for Academic Excellence every year in high school. Carrie is a member of the
National Honor Society and the Spanish National Honor Society. Her weighted GPA is 4.49 with a
class rank is in the top 20 out of 320+ students.

Carrie was able to win these academic and athletic honors by working to maintain time management
skills. In addition to playing softball, Carrie was a key member of the Cougars Basketball Team
all four years.

“To be able to balance both school and sports takes excellent time management skills. I have learned
to do homework with any extra time I have in between school and practice or a game. Also, when I get
home after practice or a game, I do not have any free time to watch TV, or play on my phone, I have
learned to focus on my homework and be efficient with my time, so I can still go to bed at a reasonable
hour, and get the sleep I need to be successful in the classroom and on the field or court.”

Carrie Eberle has proven to all that she is a very committed Student-athlete. In each phase of her
childhood, she has set goals and worked hard to achieve them. The South Charlotte Sports Report is
proud to feature such a wonderful Student-Athlete in our tenth anniversary issue and we wish her the
very best of luck moving forward!