Written By: Lane McCree


Senior Trent Alley, has proven his leadership skills both on and off the baseball
field at Charlotte Country Day School. The 18 year old son of Karen and Kendall
Alley plays third base and pitcher for the varsity Buccaneers. The senior has been
named 2015 All-State and All-Conference, 2015 Team MVP, and an Under
Armor Pre-Season All American athlete. In addition to his impressive baseball
achievements, Trent has attained a 3.6 GPA and four years on the Country Day
Honor Roll. Lets go Beyond the Game with Trent to learn more!


What is your favorite part of being on the team?

“The coming together of a group of guys. During the off season we start out as a
bunch of classmates, some knowing each other well, others not so much. Beginning
in the Fall, through work outs and 8 mans, we start coming together to form a team with a common goal. We
become brothers and all love what we do.”



What is your role as a leader for the team?
“With only four seniors on this team, we’ve all had to step up as leaders. Personally,
I’m a verbal leader. I always try to help the younger guys with mistakes
they might have made, how to fix them, or simply giving tips on things
I’ve learned along the way. Also, from the weight room, to practice, to game
day, I feel I bring energy and a good work ethic. Hopefully that has a positive
effect on my teammates.”
What are your team and personal goals for the season?
“As a team, we always strive to be playing our best baseball in May when the
playoffs roll around. I want to win a state championship. I feel that we have
the talent necessary to get there, and it’s time to put that talent out there and
get it done. Personally, I was an All-Conference and All-State player last year,
and would love to achieve the same again this year. I want my name to be
in the conversation when people ask about who the best player in
Charlotte is. I feel like I have the ability to be in that conversation
and would love to go out and prove myself worthy.”
Why did you choose Furman University to continue your
education and baseball career?
“Furman offered me the unique opportunity to be an everyday position
player as well as a pitcher. It has a highly respected academic
history, so I’ll be getting a great education while being able to play
baseball. Also, I was born in Spartanburg and lived in Greenville for
about 8 years and we love the area and city.”



What you are most looking forward to in playing baseball
at Furman?
“Really good talent in the current freshmen class, and with our
incoming class we should have the chance to be very competitive in the
Southern Conference and hopefully beyond.”