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Written by Lane McCree

Charlotte Catholic High School sophomore, James
Sullivan, has been named the Carefree Boats Rising Star
Award winner. The 15 year old son of Paul and Diane
Sullivan has proven to be an important asset to the varsity
Cougars Swim Team for the past two seasons.

James swims the 200 IM and the 100 freestyle for the boys team.
James enjoys cheering on his teammates in addition to racing
competitively against other high school teams. This
season, James hopes to advance his relay team to the
state championships for the second consecutive season
. As a freshman, he was able to compete for the boys
team at the state championships. This achievementissue221Risingstar
earned James the Newcomer Award for the Cougars.

Inside the classroom, James has attained an A average
in his classes. As a part of the German Club, he also
helped deliver cookies to Elmcroft Nursing Home. His
favorite class this year is World History. Congratulations
to James Sullivan for being named the Carefree Boats
Rising Star Award winner.