Written by Lane McCree

issue219tuckerA Senior at Weddington High School, Tucker
Snyder, has proven his dedication both on
and off the court. The 17 year old son of Tom
and Gail Snyder plays power forward for the
varsity basketball team. As captain of the
team, Tucker plays a vital role in acting as
a vocal presence, relaying calls that come
from the coaches, and ensuring teamwork in
match-ups or running plays. In addition, the
senior Warrior has attained a 5.0 GPA and
hopes to attend Duke University next year.
Let’s go Beyond The Game with Tucker to
learn more!

What are your top three athletic accomplishments?

“My first athletic accomplishments would
be making the high school basketball team.
In middle school, I was cut both years that
I was eligible to try out for the team, which was a blow to my confidence. I
worked harder and, in 9th grade, made the team, and continued working
hard to get to where I am. My second accomplishment would be starting last
year. I had been called up the year before but other than that, I didn’t have
any varsity experience. My third accomplishment is being named captain.
This was important to me because it says that the team trusts me, both my
athletic abilities as well as my leadership abilities.”

How important is it for you to exhibit good leadership skills?

“I think it is very important to exhibit good leadership. Coach Ellington always
preaches about the value of a vocal leader that keeps everyone calm and
organized and this is what I try to do. Things don’t always work fluidly on
the court but I try to talk communicate between ourselves so we have the best
chance for success.”

How do you balance academics and sports so well?

“Balancing academics and athletics has always been important to me because
such a small portion make money playing the game. Balancing it has been
hard in the past especially with due dates following game nights. The biggest
thing I do to balance my work is do it as soon as I can, so it doesn’t stack up.
My goal each night is to have all of my work finished at a decent time so I can
have enough sleep for the next day.”

What is your favorite high school basketball memory?

“My favorite memory of high school basketball was our game against Anson
at Anson last year. The game went into triple overtime and we struggled with
a number of injuries and cramps but ended up winning. I was exhausted after
the game but it was the most fun game I’ve ever played in.”

What is your favorite part of being on the team?

“The atmosphere of the team. It’s one group of friends as opposed to a group
of people that have to see each other everyday.”

What activities do you participate in off the court?

“I participate in community service through my church as well as through
the school. In the winter a group of friends and I help at Upward Basketball
on Saturdays at Weddington United Methodist Church. At the school, I tutor
mainly in math and go to the Boys and Girls Club at Monroe when I can. I am
also President of the National Honor Society, and the shift manager at Weddington
Swim and Racquet Club.”

Why did you choose Duke University to continue your studies?

“Duke is my number one school because of the style of learning that goes on
there. The students are very collaborative, both within themselves, and with
professors. This style really coincides with the way I fell I learn best which. I
applied early decision so if I get in I’m bound to go there.”