The 3rd Annual South Charlotte Middle School Basketball Showcase was loaded with female talent.  Many of the proven stars excelled on the court and a few new faces stood up and were noticed.  We have made positive notes on each player based on observations from the entire showcase event.

Purple Team

Meghan Rogers         Scrappy player, always around the ball, comes from a family of dedicated basketball players, positive approach

Katynton Clark        Spark plug, full of exciting energy, quick and all over the court, very impressive player

Dane Bertolina         Will be a crowd favorite, she hustles, she understands the game and she wants to win

Naya Clamp                athlete, strong passer and defender, can score as needed, strong kid

Nina-Simone Clark   drives to the hole, super quick and athletic, great first step, she is a proven worker, will be solid in high school

Lucy Vanderbeck       Only a 7th grader, super size, solid in many areas and will be a fundamental player than helps every team she is on

Grace Godwin             Good size for the game, could become a power player on the inside in high school

Sarah Knafelz             High school coach will be very happy to have her, she is going to be a real player, can block shots, tall, big upside

Nyla McGill                 Glides across the floor, good speed


Green Team

Kelci Adams                  handles ball well, sees the court, floor general in the making, energy a plus

Kennedy Grier              very athletic, drives to the hole, good speed, will be successful in high school

Ariana Thompson       Positions herself well to help team, good power for the inside game

AnnaRiley Gutierrez   Can move to the basket as needed, soft shot

Reigan Richardson      tall, athletic, can play inside and out, good shot

Evan Miller                      She has really improved in just one year, can shoot the ball. will continue to impress

Ryan Olivia Swilling    Knows how to play the game and help her team in all areas of the game

El Ferguson                     Nice outside shot, improving player

Victoria Jordan              When she hits fourth gear, there aren’t a lot of quicker players on the court

Emerson Harding          Powerful player that you want on your team each season


Red Team

Telfair Epperson       She wants to be successful and will work to get there, determined to succeed and improve

Sydney Wood             Hustles to the ball and works the floor to help her team, brave on the court

Savanna Brooks        quick step to the basket, accelerates in a crowd

Emily Cunningham   Very talented as a 7th grader, predict major improvement over the next year, will be a big positive

Kennedie Gaither      She is a Player with a capital P.  Gets to the hole and scores, rebounds well

Jamia Blake               Tough player, should be solid in high school

Andi Levitz                Quite the scorer and shooter, incredibly hard worker, will be a high school star

Isabel Shellnut        Unselfish player, strong body, all coaches will want her

Lauryn Hardiman   She possesses a real power game, super rebounder and inside scorer


Black Team

Dana Dotson             Has the skill set to be solid, huge potential on the court, from a basketball family

Elizabeth Rose        Good quickness to the ball

Adrienne Ruffalo     Has the potential to grow her game and expand on her strengths

Jane Jeffries               She can shoot the basketball at a high level for this age, nice form

Jessie Wiles               A real scrappy player, goes after the ball

Olivia Xerras            Knows the court and where to be on it, nice shot

Kailey Smith            Smooth, flashes to the basket with ease

Sabrina King           spaces well on the court, always ready to receive the ball, knows the game

Ally Bigham             tough noses player that knows how to compete in pressure situations, shooter

Maddie Dellinger    moves well, strong ball handler, big upside here