The 3rd Annual South Charlotte Middle School Basketball Showcase was loaded with female talent.  Many of the proven stars excelled on the court and a few new faces stood up and were noticed.  We have made positive notes on each player based on observations from the entire showcase event.


Green Team

Colin Baker                  Competes and wants to expand his game with hard work and knowledge of the court

Justin Jones                 good court spacing, did some things well during the event

Carson Harris              We noticed his defensive game as being above par

John Byrne                 Finds his way to the basket, a focused player

Matthew Kupreniak  Uses both hands well, can get to the hoop in a crowd

Luke Stankavage       Was best player on the court in final game, does so many things well, works very hard to reach his peak

Jake Brockmann        Displayed a nice shot with good form on release

Chase Montgomery   What a strong 7th grader he is, does so many things well, very powerful and he hustles

Cameron Miller         Athletic, power to the hole, covers a lot of ground

Logan Trimp             Good first step, has size to work with, can be an enforcer on defense, rebounded well


Black Team

Ryan Hirsch            Strong dribbler, wants to embrace the floor general role and will do so over next few years

Luke Gardner        Asset on defense, can pass and shoot the ball well, does the little things

Blake Franks         Moves well without the ball, can shoot

Jacob Gardina      Can knock down the jumper from 17-19 feet, will improve

Jacob Dahlberg     Knows the game and carries a nice shot, knows the game and what to do on the court

Will Coble               Nice outside shot, played strong defense during event

Noah Hooper         Athletic and can get to the basketball super first step

Baker Olin             Nice shot from 15 feet, lefty and uses that to his advantage

Bennett Smith       Great size, powerful inside, can also handle the ball, always hustles, a dream player for a coach


Purple Team

Alex King           One of the kids that catches your eye throughout the game, will improve as well

Jaquis Moss       Quick, finds his spot on the court

Chas Stinson      Energetic basketball player

John Pence        Understands the game, works to improve,

Knoah Carver     One of the top 7th graders, strong with the ball and knows how to distribute, is on a solid path for success

Connor Meehan    Good speed, handled ball in pressure

Owen Van Gundy     Displayed athleticism and desire to succeed on court

Luke Drees          Could end up being a solid 2 or 3, moves well

Graham Calton       Plays bigger than he is, an asset for his game

Sam Hedrick          Strong upper body, improving game

Harry Grams         A kid you want on your team, good size and knows the game, will do well in high school

Tyler Alexander    big kid, 6’6″, athletic, can dominate the game, has a high school body already


Read Team

Nicholas Wilson        Good with the ball, getting stronger, has plus speed on the court, good footwork

Max McKittrick          Hustles for the ball, good rotation on the outside shot

Andrew Hendershott  Goes left to right well, easy to notice, can score as needed

LJ Brown                        Goes strong to the hole, can play with a higher level of power than most, should continue to impress

Tucker Watson           Has an outside shot that he can use to help team

Spencer Wood             Battles for the ball, wants to be a part of the action

Monty Bowser             Has improved in the last year, should continue on an upward path as body matures

Danny McKay              Stayed well spaced on the court, grabbed a few big rebounds over larger players

Logan Jones               High level player, gets his body into position to find success, athletic

Joseph Ferrante      Good size, a big help on the board, body should continue to grow