For most high school athletes, the focus isissue218schultze
placed directly on their sport and their academics.
One South Charlotte soccer playing brother
combination has a little more of a challenge to
fill their plates. Charlotte Catholic senior Alex
Schultze and his freshman brother Nick are both
goalies in the Cougars program. Alex anchors the
position on the varsity team and Nick has been
a strong goal keeper for the junior varsity team.
Both brothers are solid students and represent
themselves well in the community. They also
are a huge help inside their family, helping their
mother Katrin to care for their father John who
has a rare neurological decease that has placed
him into a wheelchair.
Nick shares more information on his father,
“My father took a cholesterol medication a little
over 10 years ago and had a bad reaction. He has
been all over the country but no one has ever seen his symptoms before. A local
neurologist who has diagnosed him with a rare disorder is now treating him. My
Dad has begun treatments that seem promising.”
“My Dad is dependent upon all of us, so we do what we can whenever we can
for him. The best part about his being home with us, is that he is here for me
whenever I need him. He comes to all my games. He is an awesome father.”
The boys help all around the house with the care for their father, which includes
lifting him into his wheelchair and helping him around the house. The
work they do for their parents is remarkable and has helped them to grow up
a little faster and to accept more responsibilities. The challenge at home has
played a large role in helping them to become successful on the soccer field.


Alex was recognized as the ‘Best Overall Goalkeeper” at this past summer’s
UNCC ID camp. He has been a varsity player since his sophomore season. Inside
the classroom, he is an A/B student and has been a member of the National
Society of High School Scholars since 10th grade.
Younger brother Nick has been playing soccer since age 7, and goalie since
age 9. With the help of his brother and coaches, he has become a solid goal
keeper and he seems to have a bright future in store at Charlotte Catholic. Nick
counts on his brother for help, “I can learn from him. We challenge each other
when we train together. We train together on the weekends.”
Nick too is an A/B student, but he has to work a little harder to achieve that
level of success.
“I have dyslexia, so learning can be a challenge. I am an A/B student but I have to work
hard to achieve those grades. I spend a lot of time on homework. I love math and would
love to go into engineering and follow in thefootsteps of my dad and granddad.”


As mentioned, these two boys have learned so much about life and the challenges that can
appear for everyone. They are both appreciative of their parents and know how important
it is to help the family and to provide the extra support to their mother around the house.


“My mother does so much for my father and our family,” said Alex. “It is important
to me to help her out because she already does so much for us. It is hard for my Mom to move
him because he is so tall so I help him get around the house. I also help take my Dad out
on outings such as working out at the YMCA, going to the mall, or just going for
a drive.”
Alex lists three things he has learned through this challenge; “Family is everything,
don’t take family moments for granted and laughter keeps things light.”
“My Dad has been a great mentor and father to me. He has led me through
life, helping me through any challenges that I face. He has been very supportive
with school and soccer and is always showing me ways that I can improve. He
has also helped to guide me on a path to a future career. I am planning on going
into engineering just like my grandfather and he did.”
Nick added, “We have learned to never give up. God will always make a way.
We know my Dad will be completely healed someday, in God’s timing.”
Nick talks more about his father; “My Dad is my mentor. He is a great listener.
He always supports me no matter what I want to do. He gives great advice,
but only when I ask for it. He never misses my games. He never criticizes my
performance but always celebrates my victories and accomplishments. My dad
worked in commercial construction before and someday I would like to follow in
his footsteps and become a civil engineer.”
The South Charlotte Sports Report salutes Alex and Nick Schultze for their
amazing commitment to school, soccer and more importantly their family.
These brothers are on a path to success and they have the opportunity every day
to build strong character. We wish them both the very best going forward on
and off the soccer field.