2nd Round of the Playoffs


Mallard Creek over Butler   — Will see neighbors playing against one another here, yet for schools that are 25 miles apart.  I will go with the County Wide “All-Star” team here


West Forsyth over Myers Park  – tough matchup for the Mustangs, hope they can prove me wrong


Hough over Ardrey Kell – this was a close one in the regular season


Catholic over Fay. 71st — How does a team that is 90 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean end up in the West Bracket?   #GeographyClassNeeded4NCHSSA


Crest over Cuthbertson — Real tough matchup for Cuthbertson, Crest is always strong


Weddington over Asheville Reynolds – Feels like Weddington always plays those Buncombe County teams in playoffs