Congratulations to the students of Cuthbertson High School for winning the Best Student Section Poll.  The Cavaliers topped Marvin Ridge by 47 votes in the poll.    Before conducting the poll, we had gathered the opinions of many folks that frequent a wide variety of schools for football game and by a wide margin, many told us that Cuthbertson and Marvin Ridge had incredible student sections.   It comes as no surprise that in a poll with over 7,200 votes that the final margin would be so close.


These are two outstanding schools, with great school leadership, successful football teams and passionate students.  We salute both schools for their amazing students sections.


Cuthbertson will wear the crown for the Fall 2015 Season, but their is no shame to be had by the Orange Crush at Marvin Ridge.


Get out there and continue to be passionate as we move into basketball season!



***Can someone from Cuthbertson School leadership send me a high quality photo of the student section?   Tripp@southcharlottesports.com