A senior at Providence Day, Sara Cotsakis, serves as a model for her outstanding academics, devotion
to serving others, and dedication in the classroom. The 18 year old daughter of Mark and
Catherine Cotsakis plays the position of forward for the varsity field hockey team at Providence
Day. In the spring, Sara undertakes her role as a vital asset on the track team. Let’s go Beyond The
Game with Sara Cotsakis to learn more!

What are your top three athletic accomplishments?

“My top three athletic accomplishments are being a part of the winning and state record setting
4X400m relay team last year at the State Championship meet for track, scoring on my
first penalty stroke when we played Ravenscroft to propel Providence Day in the State Tournament,
and being a part of the 4X800m relay team my Sophomore year after beginning to run
the 800m race that same year and then placing in second with my team at States.”

What is you’re favorite part of being on the team?issue218sarah

“It provides you a close family that is composed of people you might not ever
meet otherwise. It doesn’t matter if you differ in age, interests, or personalities
with your teammates because they will accept you for who you are and
most likely will treasure what you bring to the table. At the end of the day,
you and your teammates want the absolute best for each other and that type
of support is incomparable.”


I know you participate in a lot of community service, so could you
tell me a little bit about what you do for some of the organizations
you work with?

“I have done community service both locally and internationally throughout
my high school career. Locally, I help lead my school’s service project which
works with the CPCC Education Center. Through this, I come in regularly to
tutor adults, in math and English, who are attempting to get their GEDs and
open up new opportunities for themselves. Many of the students are immigrants
who are learning to be proficient in English or are people who had to
quit high school because they were dealing with many problems at that point
in their lives. Internationally, I work through my school’s Students for South
Africa club to raise money to support a meal plan for Red Hill Preschool in
South Africa. In addition, I have travelled to El Salvador with Habitat for
Humanity to construct houses in the Getsemaní community, and I have gone to Honduras with
the local organization Samaritan’s Feet where I helped to distribute shoes to those living without

How do you balance school, sports, and
other activities so well?

“As far as balancing things, I find that I am most productive when I am busy since I do not have
the luxury of getting distracted. It really pushes me to prioritize school, sports, and service.
Sports act as a way for me to clear my head and think about things other than my school work.
I have a much clearer mind after my practices than before, so I am really able to work to my
full potential on my schoolwork when I need to. As far as other activities, I am fortunate enough
to have many opportunities to meet with the clubs I participate in throughout the school day,
and for those outside of school, like my service project at CPCC, I plan ahead
using my testing and practice schedules to see when the optimal time is. I
usually will go after my sports practice and tutor for around one and a half to
two hours or whenever the CPCC education center closes.”

Have the field hockey and/or track teams made it to the state championships
since you have been on the team?
“For field hockey, we have only made it to semi-finals since I have been on the
team and that was my sophomore year. For track, Providence Day School
won our first State Championship for girls track my freshman year, and we
have continued to win the last two years I have been on the team also. So, we
have won 3 back to back state championships.”

What are some honors or recognitions you have received for sports
or academics?

“Last year for track, I was apart of the 4X800m relay that placed second at
the state championships, and I was apart of the winning 4X400m relay which
set a state record. In addition, my relay was the Conference Champs for the
4X800m relay. During field hockey season last year, I was named the Honorable
Mention All- Conference. In addition to sports, I am apart of the Magna
Cum Laude Society, National French Honor Society, and the National Honor
Society. I was also named a National Merit Commended Scholar and an AP
Scholar with Distinction.”