Ardrey Kell High School golfer Nicole Kramer began playing golf
in the fall of 2012. With hard work, she has played her way up
the ladder and is now contending for wins on the high school
circuit. The daughter of John and Betty Kramer hopes to play
competitive golf for many years to come. Let’s go Beyond The
Game with Nicole Kramer to learn more.

When did you begin playing golf and why?

“I began playing golf in the fall of 2012, my seventh grade year.
That summer I had been to the driving range a few times with
my dad who is a golfer. This is originally what sparked my
interest in the sport, and I began taking lessons that fall. In the
spring, my sister, dad, and I went to the Wells Fargo Championship
at Quail Hollow Golf Club. There I watched Ricky Fowler
and Rory McIlroy compete. After seeing them up close and in
awe of the game at that level, I decided I wanted to play competitive
golf and make this sport a big part of my life.”

What are your top three athletic accomplishments?

“My top three athletic accomplishments would include qualifying for Regionals
as a freshman on the Ardrey Kell Women’s Golf Team. Another accomplishment
I am proud of is improving my average score by 4.5 shots between
this season and last. I set a goal during the offseason and through hard work
and focus I accomplished it by moving my average score to 40.0. The athletic
accomplishment I am most proud of is playing in the 2014 4A State Tournament
at Pinehurst for my high school. We placed third, and it was an honor to
play there with my teammates.”

What is the strongest part of your game?

“The strongest part of my game is my approach to playing the course. Golf is
a hard game that requires consistency to make a good score. While I won’t always
drive it down the middle or hit the green with an eight iron to 2 feet, if I
play smart over the course of a round I will make a better score. Approaching
each competitive round with a plan is the most important part of my game.
Coach Whitney is always making sure we develop and stick to our plan during
competition. His emphasis on this technique has taught me
the importance of remaining focused and playing smart.”

What makes you the happiest on the course?

“From the beginning, just being on the golf course has always
been very special to me, but what makes me happiest on the
course is spending time with the people I love. Playing with my
team always makes me happy, and I look forward to spending
time with them at practice and in matches. Additionally, playing
golf with my dad has been a huge part of learning to play
and enjoying the game. My parents being with me when I golf
and finding a family in my team makes me the happiest on the
golf course.”

Most memorable shot ever?

“My most memorable shot would most definitely be this year
at the NCHSAA state championship. The tournament was on
Pinehurst #6, which is a gorgeous course. The shot was the second day on
the third hole. Having started on number ten this was my twelfth hole. The
day had been full of ups and downs and I was striving for a good finish. My
tee shot on the par three went in a greenside bunker. From the bunker, I was
focusing on knocking it close. I Watched as my ball popped out of the trap and
rolled across the green into the hole. My team and family were watching and
the most exciting part was their reaction to the shot. I was elated that I holed
my first bunker shot at states. The shot kept me excited and inspired for the
rest of the round.”

What is your best score and where did it happen at?

“My best score is a 78 at this year’s Metro Junior Championship at
Cedarwood Country Club in Charlotte, NC.”

How well do you perform in the classroom?

“School work is something that has always been very important to me. I
work hard in the classroom and maintain a 4.75 weighted GPA. At school I
participate in both French Club and Interact Club.”