Every school in the area takes great pride to have a strong student section. All schools have interesting “themes.” They range from Toga Party, to Country Club, to Jail Night, to Prep Night, and Country Nights and more! All this excitement to help their school to victory. I hear from different students every week about how they are the best in town!

I am proud to introduce Round 1 in the 1st Annual Voting for the # 1 Student Section in South Charlotte. The first round of voting will remain open until 9pm on October 27th. You may vote one time a day. The top 4 schools will advance to the Final Four and then to the Final Two. The Winning School will be recognized on the cover of the South Charlotte Sports Report and will wear the title of the # 1 Football Student Section in South Charlotte for 2015

Good luck, Get yourself organized and claim the title.

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Who has the best Student Section in South Charlotte

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Ardrey Kell

South Meck


Charlotte Catholic

Providence Day School

Charlotte Christian

Charlotte Latin

Marvin Ridge


Myers Park