Providence High School senior soccer player Shane Swisher has been namedissue218Shane
the Shoeless Enterprises Leadership Award winner. The son of Marc
and Teresa Swisher is an All-Conference and All-Regional player for the
Panthers. He serves as the captain of the team and takes great pride in
keeping team spirit alive.


Shane does his best to set a positive example for the entire team with his
leadership on and off the field.


At the beginning of the season Shane fractured a bone in his wrist
and missed seven games. He has returned to action with a brace
and will face surgery on the bone following the season after the
bone did not heal during his break from game play.
Inside the classroom, Shane is a very high level student and he
scored a perfect 800 on the math portion of the SAT. He plans
to attend the Marine Merchant Academy next season and will
continue to play soccer at the Academy.


Congratulations to Shane Swisher for being named the winner of the Shoeless Enterprises
Leadership Award.Shoeless_Logo