Carmel Christian School cross country runner Peter Johnsonissue217PeterJohnson
has been named the winner of the Carefree Boats Rising Star
Award. The 15 year old, tenth grade son of David and Jan
Johnson started running in 7th grade as a break from studying.
With experience and more training, Peter has become one
of the top young runners in the area.

Peter’s top time for a 5K is 18:07 that was recorded in the
conference championship last year. He is training hard to top
that time and move into the mid 17’s.

“On Mondays I usually run 2-3
miles and then do sprints. Then Tuesday is short and fast.
I take Wednesdays off and then on Thursday, I run 6-7
miles and then Friday do another short and fast work out.”

Inside the classroom, Peter is a dedicated student with
very high standards. He is enrolled in multiple honors
level classes. Peter is also very involved in his church
youth group and plays the keyboard in the youth band.
He also enjoys serving at the Dilworth Soup Kitchen.

Congratulations to Peter Johnson for being named the
winner of the Carefree Boats Rising Star Award.cfbclknlkw_logo