Welcome to the start of a new feature that I think you will enjoy.  As you can imagine, I get emails, tweets, texts and phone calls all the time from folks in the area with general questions on youth sports. Many times I am asked for an opinion on a player, team, coach or happening in the area.  I wanted to begin to share some of these with everyone.  As always, feel free to email your questions to



I hope you will enjoy


Who are some of the best high school football players in the area so far this season?

“I really like the way Jaret Anderson and the Charlotte Catholic offensive line is playing.  The Cougars defense is so good this year, Jaret hasnt been asked to put up 250 yards at a time, but his running and the O-Line blocking has been fantastic”

“Until last night’s loss, I was really impressed with the run by South Meck.  Chance Kennedy, an Army commit, has played well and has many other friends helping him.  I believe South Meck will rebound from the loss.”


“The Providence linebackers are so darn good – Tyler Pistorio, Jack King, Dru Seabrook and Jordan Fehr.”

“Over at Ardrey Kell, the times I have seen Teleni Suhren, I have been really impressed. Strong and smart for an offensive lineman.”

“I have to give a shoutout to a special team player, Keith Duncan at Weddington broke the career NCHSAA field goal record.”



I miss the old Southwestern 4A Conference, Any chance they fix this back next realignment?


“Hard question to answer, there was so little thought put into the new alignments that it’s hard to guess on the future.  We have teams driving twice as far in buses to play conference schools than before.  We have some teams in the South Meck 8 that may not have won 10% of their games in all sports against Ardrey Kell, Providence, South Meck and Catholic.  It can’t be a lot of fun to know you have no chance to win in almost every game and every sports against those teams.”

“I would put these 8 teams from Mecklenburg County into the same conference.”

Ardrey Kell



Myers Park

Charlotte Catholic

South Meck



“If Marvin Ridge or Weddington were to become a 4A school, I would certainly add those two and move either Indy, Olympic or Butler into a league with some of the schools now in the South Meck 4A that are not competitive in most sports.   I would look at distance between schools a lot more than before.”


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