Amberleigh Mays commitment to excellence starts in the classroom and continues into her role
as a cheerleader for Marvin Ridge High School. The daughter of Gerald and Bobbie Mays has always performed
to the best of her abilities as a Maverick Student- Athlete. The 11th grade cheerleader has been
cheering for eight years and has worked hard on all the skills needed for success.


“My first cheer experience was competitive cheer with Charlotte All Star cheerleading. I learned the
basic tumbling skills, jumps, motions and stunting. Then I decided to try out for and made the 6th cheer
squad at Marvin Ridge middle and fell in love with cheering sideline! The reason why I enjoy cheering
so much is because it’s so much fun! The girls on the team are all really sweet, we all get along great! We
are always working on something different, whether it’s a new routine or a new stunt.”


Amberleigh especially loves to tumble, often working on new skills and perfecting olds ones.


“I love to tumble, but it is a lot of hard work and you needed to tumble often to keep up your current
skills and get new ones! Coach Kelley has very high standards for being on Varsity, you must have a
standing tuck and running layout, basically be a level four cheerleader to be on Varsity. We are known
for our stunting and tumbling as a team. Everyone on the team has a position whether it’s being a main
base, secondary base, flyer or back spot. At Marvin we have one day just for stunting at tryouts.”
More than anything though, it’s the excitement of Friday Night Football that drives Amberleigh to
work so hard.


“Friday nights are the most exciting night of the week. We have a lot of traditions that have been
passed down by Coach Kelly. Every home game, a senior on the cheerleading squad will host a dinner
party for the whole team. Then right after we meet at the stadium to warm up our quarter break routines
and time out routines. After that it is time for the Maverick walk, the cheerleaders meet up with the
Marvin Ridge Dance Team and the band to wait for our football players. The kick off starts the excitement!
The student section wears school colors and really reacts to every play on the field either good or
bad! The first touchdown is always the best, because that is when the band plays our fight song and we cheer and dance in rhythm to the music.”
Amberleigh also works extremely hard in the classroom at Marvin Ridge. She is a student in the
Marvin Ridge International Baccalaureate (IB) program.


“The IB course gives you a little more of a challenge and gets you ready for college. In IB, you have
an A day and a B day, seven classes you have to keep up with. My A day is Theory of Knowledge, IB History
of the Americas higher level, IB Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS) higher level,
and then IB Physics. My B day is Remember the Holocaust, IB French AB, IB English higher level, and
IB Mathematics. The IB program has college level classes that are internationally recognized. I am also
in the Marvin Ridge Beta Club, Science National Honor Society, Math Honor Society, Social Studies
Honor Society, Technology Honor Society and Key Club.”
As Amberleigh works toward her senior year and graduation, she has placed her focus on a career in
“My Dad went to N.C State for Metals Engineering. I would like to study civil engineering at UNC
Charlotte or N.C State. I’ve visited the UNCC campus three times and loved it! My dream job would
be in civil and technology engineering. I also plan on carrying on my cheerleading career in college.”


The South Charlotte Sports Report salutes Amberleigh Mays on her commitment to excellence as
a student at Marvin Ridge High School. We know that Amberleigh will work hard to reach all of her
goals and aspirations. Keep reaching for the stars Amberleigh.