Solid 5-2 week last week, now we take a look at week # 5.  My record for the season now stands at 21-7, let’s see where this week takes me.


Butler over Hough  — Solid test for Butler, time for them to show their strength this weekend.


Myers Park over Sun Valley — This game is a chance for Myers Park to show how much they have improved this season or to show that they are headed for a .500 type of season.


Providence over East Meck — Hard to fully understand some of the Providence struggles this season, this game is important for the Panthers to rebound with.


Marvin Ridge over Garinger — Mavericks should have a field day here.  I don’t fully understand why Garinger teams aren’t better than they are. Wonder if they are getting all the kids to attend there that should be, or are they at another school?


Providence Day School over Victory Christian —  Solid chance for Coach Hastings and the Chargers to take care of a team that seems to be a shell of what it was last year.


Charlotte Latin over Soutlake Christian — Latin is a solid football team, building up for a key matchup with Christian later in the year.


Vance over Indy — Vance is good, really good, Indy can’t seem to score, they are not the Indy we have known for the last 20 years it seems.  Wonder where all the Indy talent has gone to?