Myers Park High School junior basketball player McKenna Haire can often be found inside a gymnasium,
working to become the best basketball player she can possibly be. The 16 year old daughter of Mike
and Jen Haire has always strived to be the very best at whatever she chooses to do. Her dedication to hustle
and hard work is nearly unmatched as she pursues her dream of becoming a high level basketball player.


McKenna has been a member of two consecutive state championship basketball teams in her first two years
of high school. In each season she played a different role on the team and now moving into her final two
seasons McKenna will be called on to contribute more than ever to the success of the Mustangs.
McKenna began playing basketball in the fifth grade. She has always searched out for more opportunities
to learn the finer points of the game. In addition to winning the last two state championships, McKenna
was selected to the All-Regional Championship Team last year and she participated in the USA 16U Team

The first thing one notices about McKenna is her heart and level of hustle. Whether she is diving on the
floor for a loose ball or guarding her opponent’s every move, McKenna qualifies for the label of a basketball

“My hustle and drive for success just comes naturally. I’ve always strived to be the best at whatever I’ve
done and enjoy making myself better every day.”

A very busy summer of basketball was recently completed by McKenna and her team. They know the talent
is in place and the drive and determination is on solid ground for their journey this season. Many games
are won and lost in the summer based on the level of training performed by each team.

“This summer was by far my favorite summer yet. All the hard work and preparation I put in the off season
paid off and I had great success. Not only did I excel but my team did as well! We became very close off
the court and I think that showed on the court. It was fun being a part of a team where I knew everyone had
my back and wanted me to succeed. It was like having a second family with 11 other sisters.”

With the official start of basketball season over six weeks away, McKenna is working hard to be in the
best shape of her life. The Myers Park team has set their sights on a third straight championship.


“This season I want my team to be the best we can be. Obviously I hope for that to be winning another
state championship.”


As her junior year continues forward McKenna will begin to also look for college basketball opportunities.
Many colleges have shown interest in this emerging player. St. John’s and Virginia Tech
are just a couple of the many offers McKenna has picked up recently. With her continued development
and dedication to success, McKenna will end up with a well-rounded group of college offers.
McKenna spent the last two weeks of August making college campus visits to Harvard, Princeton, U
Penn, West Point, William & Mary, Elon, Wake Forest, St. John’s and American University.


“I’m excited for this upcoming journey and can’t wait to see where basketball takes me.”

Inside the classroom, McKenna is also a very successful student. McKenna carries a grade point
average of over 4.0 inside the Myers Park IB Program. She understands the importance of her
academics and the role they play in her life. Her favorite classes are Earth Science and Astronomy.


McKenna works hard to be organized in her pursuit of academic and basketball success.

“I balance books and basketball by being organized and managing my time. I also have good relationships
with my teachers and am able to get extra help or extended time when needed.”

The South Charlotte Sports Report is excited to watch McKenna’s development over her final two
years of high school. We wish McKenna and her entire Myers Park team the very best of luck this
season as they chase their third consecutive state championship.