By Chuck Howard;   choward@nsr-inc.com

So you just wrapped up a summer full of tournaments, showcases and camps.
The family has driven hundreds of miles, paid for countless hotel rooms, eaten
at numerous fast food joints and yet your inbox has little or no activity in
regard to hearing from college coaches. Your travel coach is doing all he or she
can do in contacting the coaches they know. Your high school coach may have
mentioned your name when that coach from Lehigh came by the school back
in the spring but you just don’t know for sure if they truly did or not. You have
personally emailed college coaches just like that coach told you to do but still
– no traction. Not to fret. There is no magic wand that is waved to get certain
individuals recruited. Many times it is simply a matter of a certain coach of a
program, where you may fit, not knowing of you, your grades and ultimately
your abilities and accomplishments on the field or court. A college coach can’t
recruit you if they don’t know who you are.

If you are a rising senior your chances of being recruited by a top level Division
I program are very slim at this stage but right now is when many Division
II and the majority of Division III programs –in all sports are reaching out to
2016 graduates. So regardless of your sport there is still time to get recruited
but your recruiting clock is ticking rapidly. If you are a 2017 graduate and
want to play at the next level do not procrastinate in getting into the recruiting
game. The earlier college coaches know of you the more options you will
have when it comes time to decide on where you will end up playing in college.
And that goes for rising sophomores and even freshman for that matter. Your
major D-I softball and lacrosse programs, for example, have already filled their
2018 recruiting classes and some have moved onto 2019’s.

Recruiting is more competitive than ever in this electronic age in which we
live. Coaches have more information than ever at their disposal and more
student-athletes than ever are competing for that same scholarship you are
after. If you aren’t hearing from college coaches and have played in those
tournaments, gone to camps and have sent personal emails then it may be
time to consider third party recruiting help. Asking for recruiting assistance is
not an indictment on athletic ability nor on anything you have done to date in
the hopes of getting recruited. Seeking and ultimately getting assistance could
mean the difference between a dream fulfilled or a dream denied.

Chuck Howard is the Area Director of Scouting/Recruiting for
National Scouting Report – Carolinas. Chuck can also be heard on
ESPN-730 as host of Charlotte’s only high school sports talk show
– “Carolinas Prep Talk” Mondays – 7 p.m. beginning Sept. 14th.