As a born and bred North Carolinian, I enjoy telling folks about my state and all the great joints to eat in!   Growing up here, I certainly had my favorite hamburger joints across the state.  Many that made the list were places I first visited as a child.  I hope you will enjoy my list of the top 10 hamburger joints in North Carolina.  I encourage you to skip the big national brand restaurants and support a local business owner likes these folks that spend countless hours every day over top of a hot grill.








1.  Hap’s Grill, Salisbury

Located in my hometown of Salisbury, NC.  Hap’s Grill always has lines coming out the door.  In my eyes, the bread is amazing and just leads to what is a wonderful hamburger.  Yes, hometown bias came in to play here, but at least we are honest.









2.   Melvin’s, Elizabethtown

You gotta go “all the way” at Melvin’s to really appreciate how amazing their burgers are!  They have been serving since 1938.







3.   El’s Drive In, Morehead City

Hamburgers are amazing here, but if you really want to try something even more special, order the Shrimp Burger, AFTER you finish your first hamburger of course







4.   Brooks Sandwich House, Charlotte

They start lining up early at Brooks and for good reason.  Great burgers with some of the best fixings around.  try everything on the menu when you go to Brooks Sandwich House.









5. Johnson Drive In, Siler City

Home of the world famous Velveeta Burger.  Gives you a taste unlike ever before!








6.   Ward’s Grill, Whiteville

MMMMM Good!  Folks come from miles around to enjoy these delicious burgers!   Good prices, Good Food, Good People,









7.    Bud’s Grill, Tarboro

Tell them to load your burger up with all they have behind the counter!  All their fixings are to die for and grilled just perfect every time.








8.   Cubbie’s, Greenville

The location I frequented for over twenty years isn’t there anymore in downtown Greenville.  They do still have the location out on Arlington Blvd.   Order a Cubbie’s Burger with chilli and slaw for the taste of a lifetime.   While your there, look around for my photo!   Waited in many long lines to get into Cubbie’s while in college!










9.   What a Burger, Concord

A long time favorite in Cabbarrus County area.  They put just the right amount of spark into their burgers for a great visit every time!










10.    Beaches Burger, Ocean Isle

A great beach burger!   Folks base their whole vacation around Beaches Burgers!










A special salute to my childhood:   While it is long gone and Al has passed away, I must recognize a place that I, my mother and my father supported for many years in Salisbury; Al’s Night Hawk!   I sure do wish I had an Al’s Nighthawk shirt from my childhood.  Long Live Al;s Night Hawk!










I had a lot of these:    I only lived in Wilkesboro for a couple of years, but I sure did eat a lot of burgers at Glenn’s Tastee-Freeze!  Holly Farms used to be located right across the street and you could always find a crowd at lunch waiting on Glenn’s good cooking!


How I order my burger:    Extra Ketchup, Mustard, Pickles, Chili and Slaw!  I want great, fresh, soft bread right out of the warmer!


I have certainly left out many amazing hamburger places on my list.  we salute every single one of the independently owned and operated hamburger joints in North Carolina!  Please support these folks, they are a part of the fabric of our wonderful state!



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