Written by Andrew Brouse, Charlotte Catholic High School



Providence Day School standout student-athlete
Ben Buben strives both on and off the course as he
continues excelling in his golf game and academics.
The son of John and Leslie Buben, Ben recently
won one of the toughest youth tournaments in the
area, the Carmel Junior Invitational. Let’s go
Beyond The Game with Ben Buben.

When did you start playing golf and who
motivated you to start playing?

“I began playing golf when I was 7 or 8 years old
because of my dad. I still remember all of the times
that he would take me out to the driving range and
sometimes the course on the weekends with my
older brother.”

What are your top three athletic achievements?

“Recently winning the Carmel Junior Invitational
is probably my top achievement because it is the
strongest tournament that I have won. Another
achievement is when I made a double eagle a couple
of weeks ago. I now feel like I have everything
in terms of golf: a tournament win, a double eagle,
and an ace (hole in one). Another achievement was
when I scored 30 points in the semifinals and 20
points in the finals to help my basketball team win
the championship.”

What was it like winning the Carmel Junior

“It was really a great experience winning the Carmel
Jr. Invitational. Being a member at Carmel,
I felt that I had an edge over the rest of the field
because I was comfortable with the course. I was
a bit nervous going into the final round with a one
shot lead, but those nerves went away shortly after
my round began. It was also awesome playing in
from of so many people.”

What scores did it require to win the tournament?
“I shot a 69 on the first day and a 75 on the second
day (par 72) to win the two day event in a playoff
at even par.”

Who is your favorite professional golfer and

“I have two favorite pro golfers. I’ve always loved
Webb Simpson because he lives in Charlotte and
I have seen him around a few times. I recently
putted right next to him on the practice greens at
Carmel. I also love Jordan Spieth because he is
a beast at golf. He isn’t afraid of anything and is
very clutch. He seems to make every putt, and I try
to model my game after his.”

What other activities do you participate in
off of the course?

“I am part of a rec basketball team with all of the
boys off of the course. I also volunteer for the First
Tee program in which we teach young and underprivileged
kids lifelong lessons through golf.”

How well do you perform in the classroom?

“I think that I perform pretty well in the classroom.
I’m proud to say that I have improved my
grades every year in high school all the way up to
straight A’s this past year. I will be a Senior next
year so I have one more year!”