Lifeguard at a local pool? Work at a grocery store? Babysit? All wonderful jobs for teenagers in the summer. For Charlotte Catholic High School senior,Hannah Samuelson, she wanted to step out of the box and find a summer experience she would never forget. The daughter ofMichael and Ashley Samuelson, went back into a special place from her childhood, to find one of the neatest summer experiences you could ever find. Hannah took off to Cooperstown, NY for seven weeks to work at the famed Cooperstown Dreams Park, the most popular youth baseball tournament home in the world.

“I played at Cooperstown Dreams Park in 2010 and my brother played in 2013. Coach Lou Presutti, the owner, suggested that I work there, which was so exciting! After talking it over with my parents, I applied for a job.”

Hannah had come to know Coach Presutti and his family by way of his Grandchildren being involved in both the Dilworth Little League and at Charlotte Catholic. As the relationship grew, the idea of Hannah working at the park became more of a reality. Hannah was a very busy teenager while at the park.

“I worked in the Baseball Operations Department. Some of my duties included; assisting guests, working on the Opening and Closing Ceremonies each week
and helping with the skills competitions. I also entered scores and game highlights into the computer.”

With 104 teams at the park every week, the opportunities to interact with folks from across the country and Canada are endless. Hannah really enjoyed seeing
new faces every week.

“My favorite part of working at Cooperstown Dreams Park was meeting peoplefrom all over the United States and Canada. I also made many friendships that will
last a lifetime. I was able to share my love of baseball with everyone I met.”

The job was certainly full of challenges, with the biggest one being 12 hours away from home for seven weeks. Fortunately with Coach Presutti and other
family members at the park, along with many other employees, Hannah was very well taken care of.

“I learned some of what it means to be on your own. About being responsible and accountable to an employer. I also learned that I feel a calling to coaching.”

With the summer of work now behind her and memories of endless whiffle ball games and pin trading with thousands of 12 year olds that will last a lifetime, Hannah is back at Charlotte Catholic. She has a busy year planned, playing fall soccer for CUFC 97 Gold, winter basketball and then softball in the spring. She
also plans to stay on top of her studies where she holds a 3.6 grade point average after her first three years. Hannah will soon begin thinking about college where
she would like to major in Physical Therapy.

The South Charlotte Sports Report salutes Hannah Samuelson for expanding her horizons and taking advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity at Cooperstown
Dreams Park, We wish her the very best in her senior year at Charlotte Catholic High School.