“Just like the good ole days.”

As Providence and Butler begin play in a three game series to crown the 4A Western Regional Champion, I want to turn the clock back a few years and drive on over the the beautiful baseball fields at MARA.  A quick scan of the two rosters and help from a dear friend has led me to conclude that 30 of the kids that will hit the field at Providence tonight, once wore the blue and white colors of MARA.

Long one of the top athletic programs in the state, MARA baseball development will play a key role in the outcome of those series.  Sure, many of these players are now in position to play college baseball, but one day they were all learning how to play the game from the volunteer coaches at MARA.

Let’s take a look at our best collection of Providence and Butler names that once played at MARA.  Our apologies for any name we may have missed or misspellings.

Jordan Huntley

Jarrett Norman

Tate Pennington

JR Darnell

Kobe Phillips

Jared Birnberg

Luke Novak

Brady Cottom

Grant Tatich

Ryan Debo

Alex Almonte

Alis Almonte

Robby Kenny

Rogan Blankenship

Johnny Hummel

Chase Revier

Cameron Stinson

Sean Sessoms

Avery Thaxton



Jake Holtzapple

Tucker Jones

Zach Brown

Cameron Bare

Mason Ingle

Cole Revels

Aaron Fruendt

Brendon Welsh

Matt Madrozo

Jason Garfinkle

Rowan Bryant

Andrew Fishel